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Thread: WinPwn Out

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    Default WinPwn Out
    WinPwn was released today with support for firmware version 2.0.1 for the iPhone. Operation is the same as previous versions of WinPwn -- this release just includes support for the newest firmware version and Installer 4. If you need help operating WinPwn ask away. is having technical difficulties at the moment so you can grab it from the following links:
    MMi Member Download

    Also be sure to snag the correct 2.0.1 firmware for your device from from our downloads section.
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    That was a lot faster than I expected. Will test later and post results!

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    Works perfect, still haven't tried the app store programs yet. I'm waiting for the backup to finish then I'll post results.

    Direct 2G 2.0.1 Firmware -> Here
    Direct 3G 2.0.1 Firmware -> Here
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    So no installer on this one???

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    Installer does come with it, yes.

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    Default Winpwn
    Unstable for me keeps crashing when almost done building custom ispw... Anyone else have this issue?

    Forgot to mention Microsoft forced Vista User.....
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    First time pwner, works flawlessly.
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    woot! about time lol i was refreshing multiple times haha. thanks for the upload man!

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    is installer included or not, one person says it is and one not?

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    Quote Originally Posted by upstateiphone View Post
    Unstable for me keeps crashing when almost done building custom ispw... Anyone else have this issue?

    Forgot to mention Microsoft forced Vista User.....
    I have the same problem.

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    I see the installer option on but on Vista is just keeps crashing...

    I'll check back in a couple days they will fix us Vista users soon... How's is XP working with this version people????
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    Quote Originally Posted by kurupt213 View Post
    is installer included or not, one person says it is and one not?
    Yes it is included, but keep inmind that it is a BETA version of installer.....lots of ppl still saying to just use cydia for now.

    XP here and it crashes for me also....WTF
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    Well with such a fast release I would believe its going to be very buggy....
    I try not to complain when its free!!! But they always keep us on our toes!! I check MMi like a Cr*Ck Head!!

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    Why Do I Keep Gettin Unknown Error 6

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    i have windows vista ultimate 64b! and everything worked great for me! if you right click on the program winpwn and go to properties i have mine set to run as admin and run under windows xp sp2

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    Tested touch, 1st gen and 3g on xp and vista.. works flawlessly custom images..partition resizing cydia, installer.. all working great.. uncheck youtube activation (youtube works fine on all of mine wothout it..) plus it seems to be the cause..(according to other posters having the same errors) .. anyhoo.. if you are having a particular error search around for it and you will find the workarounds.. plus vista users will have probs if uac is active.. (sometimes) anyhoo.. good luck 2 all..

    error 6 means not in dfu... and 1601 means itunes not pwned... (or the other way around) ;-) search google or youtube...
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    You guys....if your iPhone and iTunes are already pwned and you just want to upgrade...snag one of the custom ipsw files that the pwnage guys made last night and put your phone into DFU mode and shift click restore the update. Worked great for me. I had some problems the first time I did it because I restored from an iTunes backup and it made my phone go berserk. When I did a restore and didn't backup in iTunes it worked perfectly.

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    Can somebody explain to me on how to do this please?

    Not familiar w/ WinPwn at all.

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    Did you COMPLETELY uninstall the previous version? I had to open taskmanager and end the winpwn process and manually delete the winpwn folder in Program Files.

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