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Thread: PwnageTool 2.0.2 & Installer 4 Soon

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    can someone please post the FW for the 2G iPhone's? That will help us windows users much grief

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    i agree with crackmaster...plz can someone do this for us windows users?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrackMaster View Post
    can someone please post the FW for the 2G iPhone's? That will help us windows users much grief
    and for 3g with no activation.

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    who ever smh is, with your horrid English, if you can do any better, step up! But for now, shut up, and wait your turn! I'm sure mcdonalds, or best buy , where ever your job is will give you more time off to f-up your phone! Ha ha gl buddy

    Well it's out!

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    Ok, got it: I mirrored it on my server for anyone having problems downloading it directly from the devsite, or not wanting to deal with the painfully slow download from Rapidshare.

    Click here to download

    Hopefully my server holds up. Enjoy.

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    Default Updated..
    I updated my iPhone to 2.0.1 with the Pwnage tool perfectly..and installed the T-Mobile Bigboss T-Zones hack from Cydia...everything works perfectly..thanks Dev Team.

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    Exclamation Good Morning!
    Good Morning!
    Did you think wed sleep? really?

    Recommended method for updating is Sparkle (the internal updater inside PwnageTool) or using the Finder to decompress the files, dont use command line tools to decompress as incorrect use will not preserve permissions, just double click the download above in the Finder.

    Installer 4 Beta is included, it is added in any mode by default. The main installer package management interface within PwnageTool isnt enabled yet, and will report that isnt available, but the actual package is added as a default option in both modes.

    The latest Cydia is also enabled by default

    Happy modding guys!

    Don't forget to get the files for the windows guys! They need to update too!!

    If I helped you out, please press ... thanks!

    =The iPhone?!...wait!...what happened!?=

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    come on... Upload the FW for us window users!

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    Pwnage Tool 2.02. is now available for download or upgrade.
    Can someone please tell me how to download the iPhone 2.0.2.ips restore file from iTunes, without installing it? Any info appreciated.


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    Default download here
    here is a mirror for pwnage 2.0.2 if you need it
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

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    Default Guide for 3G:)
    Here is the link! IF u are a WINDOWS user!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am going to try it and let u know!

    link: Guide: Jailbreak iPhone 3G Without Errors - MacTalk Forums

    Peace out!

    PS:Please be aware that custom ipsw's still require that the device has been pwnd before!
    PS2: I just did mine ( new 3G on windows) but there is NO Cydia or Installer 4 on this file. So save your time and don't do it unless u want just a regular 2.0.1 file!
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    =The iPhone?!...wait!...what happened!?=

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    can someone please upload a custome firmware without activation for us windows 3G users...

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    Default PwnageTool 2.02
    I have been waiting patiently!

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    pleaseee ispw for 1st gen iphone

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    Um, can somebody paste the link to the actual Custom IPSW file? I'm not sure if the 2.0.1 restore file in that guide is the one to use with my pwned 2.0 2g.


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    Yeah! The update to 2.0.1 with Pwnage worked very fine for me.

    What a nice morning!

    Sorry that I cant upload my custom ipsw for you, but I am on holiday and having a very slow connection to the internet.
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    I assume we use the same method (guide) as the 2.0 method?

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    Link for Windows Users. Custom Firmware 2.0.1 already made:

    Click here!

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    UXSam, is that for 3G or First gen phones?

    Edit: Nevermind I see by the file name, its for 1st gen.

    anyone have a 3G file?

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