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Thread: MiVTones (formely known as VideosTone) released for FW 2.0

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    Default MiVTones (formely known as VideosTone) released for FW 2.0

    MiVTones (formely known as VideosTone) -Video ringtones for iPhone

    MiVTones VIP/Trial Version 2.1 released for iPhone Firmware 2.0.1 (Jailbreak 2G and 3G)

    Add on Features:
    1.Setup MiVTones Library including 15 video ringtones.(VIP Only)
    2.Download video ringtones directly from MiVTones Library to iPhone,
    support breakpoint for continuous download.Select any video for your
    contacts after download complete.(VIP Only)
    3.Preview video stop control.(VIP Only)
    4.Support firmware 2.0.1.

    Version 2.0 released for iPhone Firmware 2.0 (Jailbreak 2G and 3G)
    Add on Features:
    1. Support Firmware V2.0
    2. Set Video Sound Mute
    3. Set Vibration on/off

    If you have updated firmware to V2.0, please refer to the following of steps :
    Step 1: Activate MiVTones Account
    In order to activate your account ,please goto to register a MiVTones account,then you will receive the activate email from MiVTones .Follow the email shows steps to activate your account.
    Step 2: Install MiVTones from Cydia
    Make sure you have installed Cydia, which will give you the source.
    Go to Sections to find Multimedia, you will find MiVTones - install MiVTones.
    Step 3: MiVTones Settings
    You will find MiVTones icon in iPhone Settings,if you install MiVTones successfully.
    Select MiVTones. In order to enable MiVTones, you have to verify your MiVTones account first. So select MiVTones Account to Enter
    Username ( not email) and password which you have registered at

    Step 4: Make your own Video ringtones
    Use ssh script or Winscp to upload your own video ringtone to ~/Mobile/Media/Videotone/Video

    Note: If you want to uninstall MiVTones, please use Cydia Remove.

    Enjoy your MiVTones!

    MiVTones version 3.0 released :

    Add on the features:

    1.You can set video from iTunes Library folders or any other folders as Video Ringtones.

    2.Mp3 can be used as a Audio Ringtone

    3.Contact photos can be used along with any video ringtone. both will be shown on screen when a call is coming in.

    4.Personal Greeting or Memo can be added to any assigned contact. ie. "Graphic designer from California" for Steve or "Happy New Year!"...

    5.MiVtones online Video Ringtones library now display media iInformation. ie. thumb,titles,time,rates.. You can also preview the video before downloading.

    MiVTones version 3.3.0 released :

    MiVTones will only consume memory and battery when call is incoming.
    The trial account will be extended 15 days trial time.

    1.Improved performance of kernel and reduced the size to only 62k.;
    2.Fixed iTunes Library bugs;
    3.Add on more selection of Video Scale;
    4.Bugs fixed on Firmware 3.0 Beta 5;

    Note: The MiVTones icon will display on SB after you install it.
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    been waiting for this. Thanks a lot, great work
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    great but $20? That's excessive

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    great work.. but i can get my tones to load their previews.. but not play when i get a call

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    yea....20 ain't worth it for. Great app though and props to the developer.

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    Great program but not for $20. This willbe cracked in 3 hours. I think ill wait to install this rip off

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    That's the bad thing... When an app is priced over what people are willing to pay then the cracking ensues. If it were like 9.99, then I bet more revenue would come in.

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    i think we are going to have to get used to this due to developers thru the apple store making so much money now. This is dumb. Just submit ur apps to apple if ur going to charge 20 bucks now.

    MMI should be hosting free apps. Videotones wasn't costing us anything till the new apple app store came out

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    thanks, but way to expensive, I'll hate to see MMI as a JB AppsStore.

    Paid or licensed JB soft should stay off the site. That's my 2 cents.

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    Yeah, some of the F#cks are getting too greedy. Guess I'll wait for a cracked version. If it were $5 or so, i'd pony up the money.

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    agreed... $20 is just plain silly for this. Lol

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Definetely not paying $20 for this! The vWallpaper/vRingtones worked so much better on 1.1.4 (and prob will on 2.0) anyways.

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    People will always have advantages over technology. We made them and I'm sure we can modify, hack, manage them not with ease but with enough information given from the files, applications, or just any resources you can find. It's not bad because it would mean us modifying our iPhone is bad then because it wasn't designed to be hacked. But oh well. Everyone who has a certain level of knowledge will find out how to do things and they will have choices in which they can send it out the internet community or to keep it just to themselves.

    All and all, great program but I highly don't think this program should cost $20. Any little application for the iPhone like that can also be mimicked and then another app will have the same features and the developer of it might even set it free.

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    seriously 20 dollars I believe intelliscreen is worth it more than this and how do you go from being free to 20 dollars I would pay a reasonable ammount for this but come one guys 20 bucks that's just greedy

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    Default Yup....they can count me out....
    Yeah, they shot themselves in the foot there. Fuq $20....

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    Default Havent got email
    signed up for free version no advanced setting but still have not recieved email for verification activation i have used 3 different email accounts turned off spam still no activation email this is very lame guess i known what i'am not buying as sent ifone tech 2 emails no response
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    Screw that....they can keep it for $20.
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    same here not recived verification activation yet just to let you know i gave my gmail id.

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    Default cant understand
    this was on 1.14 for free now they wont $20 so sad what do you think hi to all from sunny cyprus

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    Search for the verification in your account, my Spam filter picked up mine so I had to actually log onto GMail and do a search to find it.

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