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Thread: MiVTones (formely known as VideosTone) released for FW 2.0

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    i dont like it...rather stick to the OG ring screen

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    The app works fine for me

    Hey daewon whats your email i will help you
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    Can any one confirm that 1 license only works for 1 phone. I have 2 iPhones and not only that I take care of my familys phones too which is 4 more. I wanted to get Mivtones for every 1 but dont want to spend $120. Even if I can only have my 2 phones working would be great. So if some one has tried the same account or w/e for multiple can that person PM me and let me know please?

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    just updated to the latest mivtones version and the phone stuck at apple logo :/ can anyone tell me where this app installs?
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    i got it working. i had to disable extended prefs in winterboard to see the mivtones button in settings. I have uploaded a video to the correct folder but when i select it and close app it either reverts to the default video or freaks out and pops up with a message and i have to reboot phone. Does the video have to be a certain length/size to work correctly. Any help will be greatly appreciated. oo also im using the free version
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    Aight... so I am interested mivtones and now I can't get it to install.... when attempting to download from cydia, i keep getting an error saying 1 half installed package... any suggestions?

    oh and btw... i am running 2.1 firmware

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    Default mivtone
    Quote Originally Posted by pnmd View Post
    I paid $20 for the upgrade and it works great. Now able to assign videotones to individuals. Even allows different videotones for each contact's numbers ie- cell, home, work!

    It took about 24 hours and iphonetec sends you a new password and you have to download the "VIP" version thru Cydia. Went smoothly.

    Iphonetec should patent this software because this IS the future of ringtones. I suspect wireless carriers will be copying this in a year or two and people will be willing to pay handsomely for videotones, IMO.

    Fantastic software, meh on the price.

    Hope MiVtones works bugfree with the Pwnage 2.0.2 update, we'll see...
    I have a concern, if i pay the full version, will i be able to assign videtones to contacts ONLY without having a global videtone. I only want a videtone for my contacts, it seems though that the application is not able to do that. I have tried other programs like vwallpaper , and in order to turn the function on for contacts, it does not allow you to turn the global feature off..

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    is it working on 2.2.1 fw?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MyStur View Post
    is it working on 2.2.1 fw?
    yes. I have it installed and works just fine
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    ok thanks allot i will try it need internet connection wifi

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    I installed MiVTones 3.0, awesome!
    Great Job!

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    Does anyone know how to remove a music video from your Mivtones media library?

    I can easily add a video but it stays there forever! I cannot figure out a way to get rid of it. Even deleting it from my iPhone leaves it in the listing of available videos to choose from.


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    Thumbs up Very Nice
    You may or may not agree with the pricing, but this is one of the coolest apps around. I love it, and when I'm showing off my phone others really, really like this program. Well worth it in my opinion.

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    I have installed version 3 on my 2.2.1, I have a strange problem, my MivtOnes shows me an error when I try to turn it on. It shows me we are sorry:Expection_Date, doesn't make any sense, i logged in with my id.

    I tried reinstalling thrice, even used Guicache and reisntalled, ut same result, any help please........

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    i agree.. mivtones 3 is great but the -trial for 10 days- idea is kinda bad for me who just want to use it for free. so i'm looking for mivtones 2.x again so i can use it for free.. i dont really want to choose a videotone for each contact so that works for me.

    despite all that, i think for an application that costs 9.99 is very buggy; when you have a lot of videos it crashes ( it took me ages to choose the video i wanted and i eventually removed all my videos, put back the videotones only, chose them through the app and put back the rest of them on the iphone) and it is slow to load (as well as 2.0) when u're receiving a call (about 3 seconds)

    i guess thats a small review for mivtones (kinda late, i know).
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    where is the app that lets u download there videos of there online library?

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    Ok so hear is my problem i installed mivtones using cydia it went great installed properly, however in doing so the tone was not loud enough i kept missing calls this is when problems came. I tried installing another video same problem then i decided to revert to my mp3 ringtones turned off mivtones like it said i should do but that did not work went to cydia removed it and the video remained the default video now i cannot get it back to my mp3 ringtones so i re-installed mivtones thinking well it might have not been installed uninstalled properly however i have the new upgraded miv tones icon but not in settings and still have the default video as my ringtone PLEASE HELP ME IT'S FRUSTRATING ME i've left posts all over the internet and my plea is falling on deaf ears please help....

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    is there a way to disable the contact photo from appearing when you're receiving a call?

    also, it doesn't crop the photo down to the same as the image showed in 'contacts'; it shows the entire photo.

    just like you imagined.

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    Awesome! perfect on OS 3.0.

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    I installed Mivtones and vWallpaper last night.
    My phone battery drained from 100% to 28% in 3 hours O_o"
    I uninstalled vWallpaper, it continues to drain.
    Then I uninstall Mivtones as well. Now it seems to be fine..

    Mivtones is really nice. But it really does drain lots of battery?

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