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Thread: iPhone 3g Pissed, Burns Owner Out Of Spite

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    the blue is from my spotlight... try putting your black one under bright bright light, it turns blue!

    Btw, I'm "LonginottiFilms"
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    how did he remember that whole convo

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    Quote Originally Posted by rusty778 View Post
    If you read on latter in the forum it has a pic of the burn before he shaved.(warning its really disgusting looking)
    pics of before and after shaving

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    It happened to me with my 2G iphone . The hotness means the the phone is running some thing . Does that make you wonder does it hurt our health, Doesn't it?

    we should sue somebody !!!! LoL (I Have an iPhone to enjoy it not go to hospital because of hem)

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    Did you notice any smoke coming out of your pants? hahahahaa no

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    Try using one of the internet radio aps, after a short amount of time they will make the iphone get really hot!! It seams as if any consistant data streaming make them able to cook with. Especially when you leave the iphone in never sleep mode.

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    1. Look at the number of scratches and nicks in his iPhone, it's no wonder the things screwed.

    2. Why does that kid shave his legs?
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    haha lol, hes got a point, Look at how the phone looks, If its a 3G that things pretty new to look that scratched...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by yashasvi View Post
    Thats soooooooo wierd
    my phone just is tooooooooo soft
    im on 2.0 and i still cant hear it when it rings.........sigh....................
    Did you check your ringtone volume, sometimes i hit the side buttons while doing something else and forget that i changed the volume. Also, i dont think this is the thread to be talking about this.
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    LOL, this is pretty odd... and fun!

    BTW, calling Apple support can be very "intense" sometimes... talked to them about 2 hours setting up my TC bc it wont connect to the internet... we made it though.

    All the best for your leg :-P
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    my original iPhone got extremely hot a few times always when my phone was jailbreaked and had too many apps. ALthough my 3g has allot of app from the store and I haven't got around to jailbreaking it seems to be fine but i bet it the same, there computers too much sh!t will slow it down and heat up.

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    Default 3rd degree burns
    I thought my iphone was the only one trying to set Fahrenheit records. During my pwnage, I noticed that the phone went into heat overdrive and from time to time if it stalled and locked in restore or dfu, a nice cold shower or cold room in the refrigerator brought it back from its unpawned coma state.

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    That is INSANE, but I have a horror story about my first gen heating up. I was playing music while I was outside sweeping the carport and I set it in the SHADE on our trashcan. When I came back and picked it up it was INSANELY hot, almost too hot to hold, I turned it on (it was locked the whole time) and to my absolute horror the right half of the screen was black, it still responded to touches, the left was working and I hit the top right and it brought up camera as usual, it responded fine only the screen was half dead. I took it inside and turned it off for about 10 minutes and when I turned it on again the right side had some color back, it wasnt just like it was turned off anymore, I turned it off again and set it on an air vent to cool it off and when I turned it on everything worked fine. The moral of this story, DO NOT set your iPhone on a trashcan on a 100 degree day, even in the shade, IT WILL DIE, at least for a moment. And btw it is blue due to the lighting, like he said put it parallel to a REALLY bright light and you will see it. (Note I can only test the blue with the black 3g, dont have a white.

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    so did LonginottiFilms(original poster) tell the apple representative, "this call my be recorded for quality purposes"? How the hell did he remember everything that was said, did he write it down or record it. i smell bull. i do believe it happened as the phone gets very hot, but the call is a movie script of his, lol.
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    I actually hooked my phone up to garageband when I called and recorded it, I then typed it out on word so it could be posted legally ! lol


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    really i feel asleep with my iphone under my pillow all the time 1st gen and the 3g and they never heated up

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    hey ajustcircle, what program did you use to write "I still work?"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UKFitch21 View Post
    hey ajustcircle, what program did you use to write "I still work?"?
    the sketches app
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