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Thread: 1.1.3 Jailbreak Goes Public!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aaauustiinnn View Post
    some has anyonee test out any of the main apps on it yet?
    Summerboard and Customize dont work...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CD65 View Post
    Agreed! Had it done but now downgrading back to 1.1.2. I'll wait for an official release and support the dev team!
    The Dev team is overreacting in this one in my opinions. From nate himself:

    "And zdziarski thinks there's more in the patches than there really is. It's just identifying pieces, so that the patcher software knows where to cut and paste and modify. And some kernel caches. Nothing big."

    I guess they're just angry that he released it while they're still in their high throne waiting for the SDK which will probably break whatever method they have anyway.

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    Initially I thought this was a good thing, then from reading page after page [Unlike some of the people here] found it to be Unauthorized and against the Dev Teams wishes. It's because of this that I will not be Jailbreaking since it was the Dev TEAM who worked it out and NateTrue leaked which was not what they wanted.

    If NateTrue can't understand the word Team then I refuse to use his apps.

    If only some of you took the time to understand what is going on instead of just posting for help selfishly.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    does it wrk with the touch

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    3rd party app appear to be working on my iphone?

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    i can confirm that this works.

    i am a At&t customer, and upgraded from the 1.1.2 firmware


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ximpostrxx View Post
    3rd party app appear to be working on my iphone?
    what apps have u tried

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    what use of upgrading (non At & t) if Google locate dosent work :S and no application is compatible ?

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    Fawk me, I updated to 1.1.3

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    i think it's kind of ironic, dev team goes against apples wishes, nate goes against dev teams wishes. they kick nate out. hmmm

    so if i do go thru this jail break (86% into the 1.1.3 firmware download) u think the dev team will screw everyone that used it somehow?

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    Nate True Has Been Kicked from dev team for this!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cowboyfromhell4 View Post
    i think it's kind of ironic, dev team goes against apples wishes, nate goes against dev teams wishes. they kick nate out. hmmm

    so if i do go thru this jail break (86% into the 1.1.3 firmware download) u think the dev team will screw everyone that used it somehow?
    Yes i do think they will. DO NOT USE THIS!!! IT IS ILLEGAL ANYWAY!!!
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    if ur a at&t customer jus downgrade jailbreak then do the soft update jailbreak. i wanna try this but think ill wait

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    Confirm it works. I had fw1.1.1 customize and springboard dont work. other apps work so far but none of my ringtones work...

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    because of a earlier mention of 1.1.3 ready for 3rd party the directory's have been changed right? so then we go to i belive var/media/something? anyone else have ideas of this
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    Anyone know the method for returning to my 1.1.2 jailbroken mode if i wanted?

    should i just to the shift-click restore to 1.1.2.ispw method?

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    Default legalities... meh.... apple breaking the jailbreak is the problem
    honestly, i don't care one way or another if the thing is "illegal". first off wouldn't this software be something you would have if you upgraded normally? secondly the iphone runs os x which is based on bsd, which is unix and can be modified check out apple's website about the open source portion used in your mac. do you really think they got rid of every open source portion of os x for your phone? probably not.

    my problem with the whole thing is i don't want to have to deal with another update from apple breaking this jailbreak. for christ's sake we've all lived without these features since june 29th we certainly can hold out for another week or two. releasing it ahead of schedule has potentially compromised this.

    that being said, when there is a mac version i'll probably update.

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    I think... need uninstall all 3-th part apps to get free space for encription, but if you have installed boss tools - i don't cnow jet just see in minutes - i post reply for this
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    im so confused, its so tempting to just push the install button, but now i dont know.

    id have 1.1.3 jailborken

    no apps.

    so its pretty much 1.1.3 with an installer.
    its ILLEGAL?
    so is jailbreaking in the first place! its pretty much as illegal as downloading a movie using torrents

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    I have successfully upgraded to a jailbreaked 1.1.3 from a jailbreaked 1.1.2 All my ipod songs have remained as well as my settings except that all the 3rd party apps that I had installed are not visible on the springboard. However, when i open up Installer, i have them installed. Also, SSH does NOT want to work. Any ideas?
    vfdecrypt -i 022-3602-17.dmg -o decrypted.img -k f45de7637a62b200950e550f4144696d7ff3dc5f0b19c8efdf 194c88f3bc2fa808fea3b3

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    Quote Originally Posted by lore View Post
    People please learn to read this is and unauthorized release he has been kicked off the Dev Team for this!

    Thanks for letting us know....
    But i believe that people wont really pay attention to such a thing because the long wait for this jailbreak has made everyone frustrated and this leak comes as a huge relief!

    I personally haven't done to this jailbreak....yet so i am still frustrated LOL

    But i don't know how long i will resist before i break down (no offense).
    So maybe you guys could think about releasing the other method, after all it is the best way to counter his behavior...
    As long as his method is the only one available out there, he will be the one seen as a hero. (Even if he isn't one)

    Well, thanks anyway for the hard work you and the dev team are do to put this together and make our device really amazing!

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