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Thread: Customize 2.1.1 is here and on Cydia

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattoojack View Post
    yeah they outlawed sporks after 2 of them got out of their wrapper and mauled a woman in el paso.

    and if you are ok with manually adding files instead of using customize, i would go that route.

    i personally prefer doing it manually. you have all the control and sometimes packs on customize just dont work. its good to know how to go in and do it right.

    Yep but the other pain is creating the directories, some basic downloads are just easier like header battery, bars etc etc. here's my theme a work in progress. I made the rss wifi and the theme icons etc. I have another 30 or so icons left to make. New Red & Black

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    Quote Originally Posted by vegasflyby View Post
    Can anyone tell me the SSH location of the audio file so I can load some of my own sounds. I'm having a hard time finding it. Thanks.
    Quote Originally Posted by tattoojack View Post

    Actually what I'm looking for is where to manually load sounds into cumstomize 2.1 so that I can use the interface to switch them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oct26th1984 View Post
    ive had the same server issue ever since it was realeased on cydia... prob just an overload on the servers however my browser still works even when i get the message. Im using buuf 2 of whatever its called... trust me, set those permissions i told u about and u'll b fine, i was having the same problems. Go to the forums n they tell u exactly which files u have to change permissions on

    try this.. not exactly what i did but seemed to work for everyone else

    "Works fine for me after given proper permissions. Running 2.0 on a 1st gen iPhone with wget and zip/unzip installed.

    Heres how I installed it:
    1. SSH to iPhone as root.
    2. cd /Applications/
    3. wget
    4. unzip
    5. chmod -R 777
    (Heres where I think my instructions differ from others in this thread)
    6. cd
    7. chmod a+s Custom*
    8. rm -rf ../
    9. killall SpringBoard

    There you have it, happy skinning

    And thanks to TheSpicyChicken for a great app!

    Edit: Please note that I have only attempted to skin the Dock as of yet. Downloading a full theme now."
    I'm new to modding my iphone so how do I do all that? I have SSH but I have no idea what u mean by: cd or chmod a+s Custom*

    Can you Tell me how to do all those steps?

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    Ok so I have Customize 2.1.1 on my iPhone running pwned 2.0.1
    Whenever I go to customize to change my Dock (which is all I want to do) it gives me an error.
    I installed it using Oct26th1984's method in terminal and have changed the permissions to every one mentioned in this thread to no avail.
    Any suggestions?

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    I can only get one or two themes to work on Customize. None of the rest work for me. I download them fine but they never apply to the phone. Restarting, reinstalled them, none of that worked.

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    Have you guys gone to BossTool and used the "fix user dir permissions" in the "more" tab? Id try this as well.
    Also I would try to manually enter your themes through Winscp (windows) Im not sure the name of the program used on Macs. I will soon but no experience with em yet.

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    What is the exact folder that you would use to manually place themes in? I am new to hacking around with the iphone and I've seen threads saying to put themes in winterboard's "themes" folder then to put themes in the media/applications/customize2 folder etc etc, soo confused.

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    does anyone know when customize will fully work?

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    dang-it hahah i cant wait till a fully working one hits up for fw 2.0.1, just because i bumped-up and jumped on board to the iPhone 3G team, leaving my nice costumed iphone 2g behind and miss its looks....

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    is anybody out there using Customize 2.1 on a iPhone with FW 2.1 and it's working properly?

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