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Thread: WinPwn 2.0 Released

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    i have a problem i got my phone on 2.0.1 but i have no bars for serivise when i put my t moblie chip in it. i try to restore with the winpwn jail break but its giving me a error 5 or 6 when i restore in i tunes 7.7.1 im doing some thing worng i dont understand ?? please some one help i have the old i phone 8g

    Quote Originally Posted by xerxesgunes View Post
    I have a 2G Iphone 8 GB

    With winpwn I build ipsw file (already downloaded iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw) and used Ipwner and I obtained Custom-iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw

    Till there everything is succesfull.

    But When I began tu restore custom ipsw file Itunes tells

    "preparing Iphone for restore"

    and little wile after

    I got this msg

    My OS is XP SP3
    hey when u find out how too do that let me know cause i got mine on 2.0.1 and its doing the same thing why omg
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    pls can anybody help? my iphone is on, After using winpwn 2.5 sucessfully, but i find it diffcult to unlock as am stock on EMERGENCY CALL keypad,but if i press Home page button , it will show itunes icon which white cable directly point to that itune icone.

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    you must have expert mode ON and click everything in the step guide on OK it works fine for me
    Winpwn 2.5 is great!!!

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    opps wrong thread..
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    ok! Guys plz help me out
    I had upgraded to 2.0 using the bootneuter steps and then the bootneuter would start by itself after I restored it so it would kind of jailbreak for me... But then idk how I screwed up and went back to 1.1.4 and then I tried going back using the same exact steps but it doesn't neuter my iPhone by itself after I restore it to 2.0... It just says connect to iTunes so I had to put the 1.1.4 or else it won't work... I really need easy and guaranteed steps to go back to 2.0 plz tell me how if u can!

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    where do u dwn load pwnage for windows xp or wnpwn

    i need learn where start any ideas

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    you need to turn off iTunes helper in your msconfig. If your using windows xp! If you have no problems making the software, you should be good! But I do know some people are having a hard time making the right firmware for their phone.
    If you need a copy, pm me. You'll still have to dfu your phone, but it's one or two less steps for you to follow!

    Dfu mode can be tricky! Do it slowly! Hold both buttons, for ten seconds, then release power button only hold home! With in ten-fifteen seconds it will be in dfu mode. As well your phone should be pluged in while doing this!

    If anyone has a question, pm me or mail me [email protected].
    Anyone who is around western mass, feel free to drop by!
    All mmi users get the first upgrade free! Just bring your user name to mmi with you! Must have over ten post of trials! And nice as well! LOL

    Honestly! I'm hear to help! And have great reviews from many locals around the area! I have not seen one phone yet I can jail brake, or unlock! (3G not included in unlocking, but working on it! My test phone was destroyed by my friends dog! So I'm looking for another tester!)
    Any things else, we are good!

    Good luck to all, take your time! Ask questions! Pm works great! Personal message!

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    I jailbroke my 3g with winpwn... so now they say the new firmware will be out on friday. How do I upgrade to the new firmware with out losing all my Cydia? Or if I just upgrade the firmware will it just reset it to factory and I can sell?

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    Wait for new version for 2.1 update

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    ok so i have a problem. i have a 3g 16gb iphone. i had it jailbroken on 2.0 decided today to go ahead and move up to 2.0.1 to use the volume boost update..i used winpwn 2.5 everything was good. until after i created the custom ispw. when it asked me to put the iphone in dfu mode i did. and it went on to say please wait while your iphone is configured to accept custom firmwares..and it just stays stuck there!!! and now i cant even restore the firmware thru itunes. it gives me error that the firmware could not be restored..please. help..i have no phone..and no music..=/ id appreciate any help!!

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    I have the original Iphone. My iphone was originally jail broken, but my wife updated it in itunes. In result my phone locked completely and only allowed emergency calls. I recently used the 2.1 firmware and winpwn 2.0, now I can get into my phone but my (tmobile)phone service still doesnt work. Can anyone help?

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    install bootneuter and neuter ur phone

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    Wait for winpwn 3.0

    somebody know when it will be released

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    when will the 3.0 be out

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    i need help i have a 1.1.4 fw its jailbroken and unlocked i need to upgrade to 2.1 rigth? and jailbreack and unlock again? what sould i do first i am using windows. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    upgrade to 2.2 with quick pwn
    1. backup all data
    2. download firmware,quick pwn 2.2
    3. shift+restore and choose the firmware
    4. start quick pwn and go threw steps

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    Default Corrupt File
    When ever i download the winpwn from rapid share or the mirror link when it finishes the download i open winrar and i try to unzip it but when it finishes it says file corrupt does anyone know why this happens?

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    The best thing to do if you want to jailbreak on a more recent firmware that winpwn 2.0 does not support is:

    1 - Upgrade to the latest firmware
    2 - Use QuickPWN to jailbreak
    3 - Use LogoMe to change your boot logos
    4 - Use Yellowsn0w to unlock

    Booya grandma

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    Quote Originally Posted by dazzastark View Post
    The best thing to do if you want to jailbreak on a more recent firmware that winpwn 2.0 does not support is:

    1 - Upgrade to the latest firmware
    2 - Use QuickPWN to jailbreak
    3 - Use LogoMe to change your boot logos
    4 - Use Yellowsn0w to unlock

    Booya grandma
    doo that and everything works fine. Dont use winpwn only quickpwn

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