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Thread: Pwnage 2.0 Released - 3G/2.0 is Jailbroke!

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    Sup guys!

    So should I upgrade I got 1.1.4 will everything work? Jailbreak / Activate / Unlock?


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    i have the same problem, with a macbook, leopard 10.5.4 and itunes 7.7, pwnage doesn't start

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    i have the new 3g iphone and wanna jailbreak it and im on windows.
    do i need this cosmosis thing?

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    I was on 1.1.4 with 4.6 BL. I know cosmos' custom firmware is 3.9 BL did he check it to update to 3.9 BL? or did he leave it unchecked because it was already on 3.9 BL? Thanks.

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    Everyone i just made this thread for all the windows people. Hopefully it will help and i think we should move all windows discussion over there to simplify things.

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    Ok so Im on ziphone now. I just need to winpwn the phone, download the cosmo custom fw (wheres the link) then restore in iTunes 7.7 with his custom fw?

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    hats off to the dev team! well worth waiting for

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    It didn't unlock my 3G iPhone!

    JUST KIDDING! Awesome! Hopefully I can get uSirius back! You all ROCK!

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    If I download this, could I import all of my Installer Apps to the iPhone via SSH? Or would that not work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Name Here) View Post
    If I download this, could I import all of my Installer Apps to the iPhone via SSH? Or would that not work?
    It wouldnt work the new 2.0 firmware is different with apps and the developers need to fix them to work with 2.0

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    Great, after all the messing around to get pwnage to work the first Cydia app I download (liquid battery) has hung my phone - has been at the "running" screen for 30 minutes now and I cant turn off the phone.

    Can see me going back to 1.1.4 soon

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    IF you are a mac user....
    IF you are have the BL files...
    IF you added the Device Support dir to Library/Itunes (and insure it's empty each try)...
    IF you know the difference between DFU and Recovery modes...
    IF you have read and understood the Stealth Bravo posts...
    and IF you are still having problems....

    Here are some things that MIGHT help...

    When you get DFU error, unplug your usb and cycle your phone and try again.

    Try answering NO to legit user question.

    Try a different USB port.

    If you restore to a new phone with 2.0 with no apps, no music, etc., the restore goes much faster. If you keep getting errors, putting it in a clean 2.0 configuration is about as much of a blank slate as you can start with. You can check the pics and music and stuff later, once you finish pwning.

    If you were getting the "Unable to enter DFU mode", and now you get "Turn phone off" message, you are almost there. Don't panic. If you fail, it will ask you if you want to retry. Say YES. Keep trying and following directions. Timing is very important. Follow directions and keep trying.

    VERY IMPORTANT...if you have a jailbroken 1.1.4 phone, there is no real reason for most people to upgrade at this time. You DO NOT get installer, Customize, of any themes you may be used to. You LOSE all of the 3rd party apps you got for free. What you end up with is Cydia, which is a nice program kinda like installer. At this time, it doesn't include games and utilities for the average joe. It has mostly has tools for hackers. You can get a lot of free apps from the App Store. Most are crap. The apps you were used to will cost money if you can find them at all. There are some reasons to upgrade now. For most users, there is no reason. I'm not trying to talk you out of it, I'm just warning you that you could be very disappointed in the end result, even if everything pwns okay.

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    i think this is a stupid question

    but i got an iTouch (i know wack haha) and I run a windows. is there anyway I can jailbreak it to a 2.0? is there a tool out for this one? thankss

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    Default serious help! pwnage wont launch!
    ok ive posted this in the other thread but no one answered. ive downloaded pwnage tool like 10 times now because it wouldnt luanch the app. it would just bounce on the dock and when it stops bouncing it wouldn't display anything. i need this to luanch!! please help you guys

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    finally, winpwned to 1.14, downloaded cosmo's fw, restored to it in itunes and voila!

    btw i didn't go into DFU mode before restoring to cosmo's

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    hey do you guys know how to connect to my mac using SSH in my finder?
    i can connect using terminal alright..

    but what can i write in the "connect to server" line in finder so i can see my iphone's filesystem in finder.

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    Just proof of unlocked 2.0 firmware on first generation iPhone running T-Mobile.

    iPhone 4 32GB JB & Unlocked w/ T-Mobile

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    anybody have any idea why my contacts will not sync??

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    Hey all I have a 2.0gen running 2.0 OS and I love it, I'am a windows User and it was easy. Thanks Cosmo!!!!

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    Default Help!!
    I successfully jailbroke my iPod Touch on 2.0 and I tried to restore it with the backup I made prior to pwning my iPod. The problem is, my iPod Touch has been restoring for the last 2-3 hours. It seemed to work fine until about an hour ago it seems it got stuck with about 3-4 bars to go. I pwned on my Macbook and trying to sync with windows. Any suggestions would be great.

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