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Thread: 3g 2.0 iPhone Unlocked via Sim Adapter

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    Quote Originally Posted by RanEnRui View Post
    I've always wondered... how do I make my incoming calls like the phone on the right. Mine always show up like the one on the left.

    If I'm not clear, here is what I mean. When I get an incoming call it shows it at the top, centered with large text either saying the number (if it's not a contact) or the contact's first/last name with their picture as the "wallpaper".

    What I want is for it to show the name of the contact and the status under it, left aligned with the contact's picture on the right.

    Here is what it shows on my phone:

    And here is what I want:

    Neither of these are from my phone, just grabbed from Google image search. Seriously though, the Apple commercials all show it like the way I want it but it has never given me an option or anything to do that, at least I haven't found it and I've looked so many times it's ridiculous. If you know how, pleaseee let me know, thanks!
    To get the small picture to show, you need to open the program where your contacts are saved, mine is in Microsoft outlook express. Double click on the specific contact, you see a window to enter info for new contact or existing contact. There is a box showing where you can put a pic for that contact. Place pic there, sync and voilla.
    Now whenever that contact calls, a small pic is seen in the top right hand corner.

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    nice! first shown in the MMI forum here
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    how can I activate it? I got a TurboSim!

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    I have 2 turbo sims from the 1.1.2 issue if anyone needs em....Im not upgrading to the 3G, so...PM me for details....

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    this turbo sim BS makes no since to cant just take a iPhone thats workin and throw a turbo sim in it and it work...somthin or somone has to program the turbo sim first
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    Quote Originally Posted by ca.alvear View Post
    how can I activate it? I got a TurboSim!
    activate with pwnage-tool 2.0?

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    just a note to all of you who are whining about not seeing a dev team release, i would suggest you stop. noone on that team is receiving a paycheck from you. yeah im excited for the new firmware too but jesus, be patient and be thankful you A. arent pinned to ATT because of them and/or B. have a jailbroken phone up until now. I think you can wait a day or two 2.0 isnt going anywhere and it certainly isnt going to kill you
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    Default Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need 1.1.4 software for bricked Iphone.
    The home button stopped working on my 1st gen iphone & I need to restore, but I can't find 1.1.4 software to download anywhere. I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you very much ahead of time.
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    Not sure if I'm wrong about this, but does anyone see that the iPhone(Black) on the left has 1 Voicemail although its on T-Mobile? How does that happen when T-Mobile does not have Visual Voicemail Support??

    *been scratching my head after I watched the video*

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    go to for 1.1.4 fw
    and am i the only person to notice that the iphone on the right in the video had the app store icon as well as the thtouch icon. is this switch it 2.0 at work, or are we seeing a jailbroken 2.0?

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    have an unlocked iPhone 3G without and cydia?

    waiting for dev team solution...
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    @ leeks

    It will still show a badge even if you don't have visual voicemail. When you click ok the voicemail button, it calls your voicemail.

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    Can someone just confirm... I have a first gen (not 3g) iphone currently unlocked and jalbroken on 1.1.3.. I also have a turbo sim... Can i go to 2.0 now, using that pwnage tool that came out a few months ago, do i need the turbo sim?

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    is it just me or isnt it dumb to put your phone numbers online for everyone to see?
    haha i can just see someone keep calling them and annoying the hell out of them
    hi :0

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iphoneclueless View Post
    On America the only 3 countries with iphones out for sale are Canada, the US. and Mexico.
    The iphone will be sold in Brazil in a couple of months, September maybe... so yep, the video is real, as there is no way that this is a legit unlocked brazilian iphone 3G.
    That's not true. It's out a good many more countries.

    Quote Originally Posted by tbazani View Post
    have an unlocked iPhone 3G without and cydia?

    waiting for dev team solution...
    No ... It means you can use it with another company :P Imagine you aren't with the phone company that's selling it! Then you can use the phone as a phone and not a paper weight ... lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rudi View Post
    Yeah and what words of wisdom do you have for us?
    "First!" posters that have nothing valuable to say or a point or comment to make FAIL big time...

    Do you sit with thumping on refresh with a box of Kleenex beside you for moments like these??? Sad...

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    so what does this mean? How much is this unlock card cost? Is it avalable or is he teAse?

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    New video:[ame=]YouTube - Primeiro iPhone 3G TOTALMENTE desbloqueado!!! Unlocked[/ame]
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    Kill yourself! Quit wasting your own time posting this ****

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    Quote Originally Posted by avnyc11 View Post
    go to for 1.1.4 fw
    and am i the only person to notice that the iphone on the right in the video had the app store icon as well as the thtouch icon. is this switch it 2.0 at work, or are we seeing a jailbroken 2.0?
    Is the one on the right even a 3g? at first glance I still thought it was a 1st gen iPhone...
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