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Thread: First Video Jailbroken 3g

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    I wish they would release a jailbreak already. I don't care for UNLOCK. I wan't summerboard, that is all. I like having a real wallpaper, not just when the phone's screen is locked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NSXrebel View Post
    I wish they would release a jailbreak already. I don't care for UNLOCK. I wan't summerboard, that is all. I like having a real wallpaper, not just when the phone's screen is locked.
    Even if they came out with the jailbreak right now you wouldn't have summerboard, or customize, or anything else b/c all these programs have to be re-written for 2.0. I recommend (like many other people) to stay on 1.1.4 for a WHILE... until all the apps you use are ported to 2.0.

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    why does everyone want a 2.0 jailbreak if none of the old apps from installer will work on 2.0?

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    I dont mind waiting on the jailbreak, I'm just iching for the unlock since I have a 3G.

    I have a $300 paperweight right now that I cant wait to use, but I guess unlocking/jailbreaking is all in this one program we're waiting on?

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    release it already, please.

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    Cause installer 4.0 is coming soon working on 2.0 Firmware.
    If you want it, get it, no matter the risk, y only live once, and gadgets are replaceable.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by ian_frs View Post
    I can't wait for its release. I hope they don't rush it out because of geohot though. I really don't need another broken iPhone like I got with ziPhone.
    Learn how to use Ziphone. Hater.

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    think tank, do some research. Ziphone broke half the phones it unlocked and the ones that worked needed an itunes fix, youtube fix, and ibrikr fix.

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    and they get angry when someone else.... releases something and they claim it was stolen. When was Pawn finally yesterday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattoojack View Post
    think tank, do some research. Ziphone broke half the phones it unlocked and the ones that worked needed an itunes fix, youtube fix, and ibrikr fix.
    Ziphone didnt break mine. Nor did I ever need any fix. I think it's more like people find it hard to follow instructions or tutorials, or panic when that blue screen comes up etc.. etc.. I'm not saying that Ziphone is not to blame but don't completely blame Ziphone, I'm pretty sure a lot of the problems were from human error as well.
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    true. I've never had ziphone problems. and i've done it on multiple phones. PPL really cant follow instructions. That's the problem with people now in days. What was the statistic last year? 95% of all returned items that were written to be defective in 2007 were actually fully functional items. People just assume they know s*** and don't read manuals

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilsungpam View Post
    Hi! I have the 1st gen iphone with 2.0 and I would love the jailbreak to come soon! I love it! But I also think the appstore is pretty cool and I got almost everything I want there and for free! The only thing they didn't make was a themer!! I miss my themes and would pay for a cool app that I could use to change themes and download new ones when available! Does anyone know why any of the app dev didn't make one? and if there may be one coming soon?
    read my post. themes are a big no no on appstore as it infriges apple's policy.
    so dony expect any theemer, or anything that has to do with customising from the appstore.

    expect them in installer ummm i dont know, 30-50 days after the release of pwntool propably
    Thanks is an acknowledgment

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    Default Cant Wait!
    I cant wait now

    it shouldn't be long until they get an unlock and release now

    even though i am a windows user and will have to wait a bit longer (hope not too long) i am still excited

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    i want more proof.. anyways custom boot images? anyone? still going to be in pwnage 2.0??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Iphoneclueless View Post
    I donīt know about you people, but Iīm getting tired really fast of silly videos “proving” all the hard work of the “Devs”. How about if you magnificent Devs stop making videos, sacrilegious pictures, and fighting with each other all together, and just give us a date for a release, I donīt care if it is one week or a month, but give us a real date so I can download it, use it, donate $20 bucks or so to your cause, and get on with my life.

    If you think like me, hit the thanks button.

    Sorry, but English is not my first or even second language.
    not to be on the other side here, but some facts u may not know.

    i somewhat agree with u but :

    1. dev team is not hotz nor zibri. they DO NOT accept donations. they follow the policy that it should be free. apple has enough of ur money no need for commercialism.

    2. we all know they are the best in the area up to now. the reason for that is because in my oppinion they do their homework right. no rush decisions that have no support later on (hotz) no purchases and so on. they put a single button and thats pretty it.

    3. the delay is based on 2. remember 1.1.1 til 1.1.4. remember the endless hours u've spend trying to restore, upgrade, jailbreak. also make a search for help in these forums.. anyway u got the point. they want to do it quick and efficient. And guys.. they do have a life u know.. 3g and ipsw 2.0 was released on friday.. its wednesday ffs and not only u want then ti release the tool but demand it! chill out!

    4. whats the point for having a 2.0 firmware atm ?!?!? give me one good reason. 99.999% of those with 1.1.4 are currently better than any 2.0 iphone with the 0.001% being those who're using turbo sim. get a turbo sim tool and then check complaints of "HEEEEEEELP!! HOW TO INSTALL THEMES ON 3G?????????????" "MY APPSTORE WANTS $$ WTF ?!?" etc etc..

    and finally

    5. its coming. thats ur date ppl.

    ps: for all u PROS out there :

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    Ah it will be here when it gets here. I for one have never been the type to cry about ANYTHING free thats just f'n lame. But either way i have a first gen iPhone on firmware 1.1.4 unlocked and jailbroken and a new iPhone 3G that are both activated and working on two seperate numbers so im currently enjoying the best of both worlds.

    Good luck to the Dev Team
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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    this video does not really prove anything

    If it doesnt prove anything, We sure dont see you pulling out your iPhone and coming up with anything now do we? The point is, they are doing it. You dont believe it, thats fine, dont use thier programs when it does come out.

    I swear to god, everytime these guys want to "show" you how far the have advanced in releasing somthing, people ***** and whine that its a TEASER, its a PUBLICITY STUNT, or its NOT REAL. This proves NOTHING. If you refuse to believe it, get up off your *** and you try to do what they are doing.......

    Baaahhhhhh......let the flames burn the house down.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by stereo313 View Post
    blah blah blah. Gimmie gimmie gimmie. Some of u sound like a bunch of babies. Nobody owes u anything,not a jailbreak not a unlock not a video or a picture. When does free come with all this bit@&in from everybody. FREE. FN Free.

    If u want a jailbreak or unlock today. Make one urself. If u can't then shut up and wait for the people that can to do what they gotta do so ur dumass won't f up the phone u got.

    They do this for free. What don't u guys understand. Free

    I agree 100%!! These guys owe you nothing *Poseidon Edit*
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    Sheesh, I don't know what the big hurry is all about.... LOL! the windows version, most likely won't be out till this time next year anyway

    I think they are working for Apple and trying to force us all to to buy a Mac

    Hmmm I wonder if they were charging $$$ for this progie, if we would hear just as much... "Gimmie,gimmie,gimmie"
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    its free

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