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Thread: 3G iPhone Review - Full and Detailed

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    Great Review! ok now for the Geo-Tagged pics... how do u see where the pics where takin'? how do u get the geo-tagged info from the pics?

    still no keyboard autocorrection settings?
    I KNOW RIGHT!!! i'm tired of writing YO and have to click the "x" to not change YO to To...
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    il just have to wait for the keyboard autocorrection hack before i upgrade ...

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    PF, thanks for that great review.
    Pls do not hesitate when the news of jailbreaking and unlocking comes up.

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    Default Color
    You know in that pictures the white looks to creamy and not blank enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by howzitjoe View Post
    Nice quick look at things. I went to AT&T in Kona iPhones in stock and only a black one to look at. Very lame. You have to order one through the store "product fullfillment" and wait for a call from them saying it's in. They said 2 weeks. I did show the girl there the difference in the screen colors and she was surprised.

    So far I'm pretty happy with the syncing thru mobileme as you noted it seems to work.


    its 5-7 apriority shipping is $15 and it takes 1-3 days.t most.

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    I wonder, with the plastic white back cover, if it will turn a bit yellow in certain places, if I recall, didn't the white iBooks have that type of problem? Maybe the back cover might even melt a little, the iPhone does tend to get pretty hot, especially when charging.

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    dude GREAT review.but now im mad. i cant afford the 15 and want one sooooooooo bad!

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    Great review I also got the white 16 with a white lrg iphone case lovin them both

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    great review! seems like you didn't have issues like everyone else

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    great review!!
    i haven't got mine yet, on pre-order through AT&T.
    There are new features you mentioned I didn't even know of!
    Aqwoah and Glass Orb Dock combined!

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    PF - that really was the best review i have read or watched yet.

    however, did you mean to say "Save Image or Open Link" instead of "Save Image of Open Link" ?

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    Default 3G review
    He most likely meant save image or open link
    Dont be that guy..!!!

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    Nice review, but what's with AppStore? Why are the applications/games different depending on location?

    In the UK, there is no "eBay" application, ok if it doesn't work in another country, then we can hope for a UK version, but "scrabble"??? I just thought I'd check for Scrabble being as I saw in in your screenshot PF, was that from AppStore, and WTF is it not available in the UK?? It's not as if the word dictionary is in a different language?

    YellowPages is available in the UK, but it only contains U.S data. What's the point of that??

    The Irish AppStore has f*** all games and applications.

    Jobs advertises these Apps then they're only available in certain countries.
    Ok, shows the following clause:

    "Some applications are not available in all areas. Application availability and pricing are subject to change."
    but the UK version of the Apple Web Site is advertising "Ebay" as a Top App in iTunes:

    You have to admit, the AppStore is definitely biassed toward the U.S, even though the launch of the 3G iphone was to 22 countries.
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    Great review, THank you. Oh OK I guess I will go get one now!

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    wooooot i got a white one 2!!!!! whites the way to go. i love my phone so far even without a jailbreak. hopefully the jailbreak will come out, before the new wears off. but anyways. the new phone is amazing in your hand it feels better both vertically and horizontally. its the same iphone as before, but a little newier and much improved. love this phone. but the battery to me is HORRIBLE i cant get it to last all day like the iphone classic (ha). im lucky to not be past half way by 2 oclock
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    What's Jailbreak?
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    wow..thats a terrific introduction to the 3G iPhone...

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    I love the idea of built screen shot! i was wondering how you got those crystal clear screenshots without a 3rd party app.

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    Hey how did u do the screen shot? and thanks btw for the safari tip!!

    Hey man im 15 also and I only pay 30 bucks a month since my family has att. If u got a steady job thats all I pay a month which isnt terrible for unlimited data.
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    @ PF

    White-on (like right on)

    I choose the white model too.

    Makes me feel like Marion 'Cobra' Cobretti.

    Is that a 3G next to your grenades???

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    i've got a 16GB black 3G.

    this is the best review on the net to date.

    everything a real iphone owner needs to know, laid out clear and simple.

    congrats PF.
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