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Thread: PITA AppStore! Work your day around your iphone

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    Amen brother!!!! Wow, Im glad its not just me having to take the day off JUST TO SYNC!!!!!!!!

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    update after the first sync, the next sync is not bad ---- IF you dont't use the apps. Once you use apps it backups session data and that takes FOREVER (it shouldn't it is tiny bits of data)

    so either a) dont use a lot of appstore apps or b) when itunes is backing up cancell the backup . . . . of course all the data stored in your apps will be lost if you ever restore -- you'll have to decide whether backing that data up or syncing in any sort of reasonable time is the priority

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    Thats what ive been doing, cancel the backup.....Apple better get that s&$% fixed quick though.

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    yea almost everytime time I plug in my itouch it has to back up data which takes forever. I just skip it now and backup every night before I go to bed.

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    Yea i have had terrible sync times since i updated when i add new apps... And as for backing up i just hit the X and it continues to sync... just very slow.

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    i had the same problemm WTF?

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    I downloaded a bunch of free aps before I upgraded. When I try to sync, it says they aren't authorized on my computer, and they aren't showing up as free anymore. Oh well. Stupid though.

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    You ppl dont know what you are talking about.
    Yes after the first backup after plugging in your phone, syncing doesn't take as long.
    Until you unplug your phone and plug it back into the computer. Then it wants to backup again.
    The problem isn't that it wants to backup, the problem is that backing up takes forever for not even a few megs of updated settings.

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