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Thread: wiSync - sync your iPhone via WiFi

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    Okay, I have read everything I swear, and I don't see anybody laying out the answer to this question in monosylables for a dummy like me.

    I've got an old E-mac with usb 1.1, so it looks like this program is going to be the only thing I can use to sync at all. Now, I realize that it doesn't work with iTunes- but if I did the jailbreak thing, and then the Open SSh thing, I'd theoretically be able to find the folder that iTunes uses for music and then sync that folder with a folder on my desktop with mp3s in it, right? Thusly I could listen to said music on my iPod Touch, yes? By resetting the folders I could then do the same for Video? Photos?

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    no man, i wont work to sync ur mp3 or videos, the way iTunes sync the music on iPods/iPhones is different and wont let u listen to them on ur iTouch.

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    Thanks for the response. I'll jailbreak my touch as soon as this becomes possible, but not a moment before. Keep uo the good work devs! As in PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep it up. Looking around the mac support forums there's lots of usb 1.1 people out there looking for a solution. This may be the one at some future date. Don't give up!

    This may not be the place to post this question, but it is a response to some earlier posts in this thread:

    "nice and works on upgraded 1.1.2, but 1. what is the difference between that and just connecting the iphone via wifi from the finder on the mac?

    #1: AFP is an outdated protocol that is extremely slow and buggy (this is what you're talking about when you said connecting the iPhone to Finder over Wi-Fi."

    Is "conecting the iphone to the finder over Wi-Fi" something that I can try without jailbreaking my touch? Sounds like it's not, but it can't hurt to ask.
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    Nope you will have to jailbreak and install an AFP server on your iTouch, furthermore, you would have to install the BSD subsystem as well.

    In any case, what on earth are you waiting for, jailbreak your iTouch!!!! You're missing out on an amazing experience if you're only using safari/Music/Videos/Photos. Wouldn't you like to have the Mail/Maps/Weather/Stocks apps that are only found on the iPhone? Come on, join the fun

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    I'm sure I will. If I had gotten my Touch 6 mos ago, I would already have hacked it all to hell. But with Macworld in just a few days, and the SDK due in another month, I figure I'll give 'em a shot to provide the software I need in a legit fashion before I void my warranty. I like warranties, I can't help it. They have come in quite handy for me in the past. Of course, a warranty for a device that doesn't do what I need it to do is worth nothing. So, like I said, apple has a month to "wow" me. After that, all bets are off. Of course the most important thing I need is a wifi sync with iTunes. Which doesn't exactly exist yet, whether I hack my Touch or not. I say "yet" with very high hopes.

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