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Thread: VOIP on iPod Touch

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    that guy is like MacGyver!!! Seriously

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    so would i be able to call to vietnam for free also? I've been looking into this but seems like all the voip services still charge u a monthly fee but if this is on the iphone that means i won't get charged n e thing to call back to vietnam huh? This will be a great release

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    Any cost? I know you have to pay for things like Skype (some of it), so who would host this service?

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    Could this be another nail in the AT&T coffin?????? How cool is that!

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    I would definitely use this. Ha ha in your FACE Apple, O2 and AT&T!

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    Meaning you really could turn an iPod Touch into an iPhone, that would be pretty cool...

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    I'd be an Wi-FiPhone.

    I get credit if that's the name.

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    awesome news I can't wait to use it with my skype account
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    I believe the current holdup is "mass" development of the microphone. MRN over at has been looking for makers for each city supposedly.

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    GRREATTTT! This will even make Iphone the most powerful of all cellphone/pda...
    3 Cheers for "EOK" hep hep!!! hoooray.... hep hep!!! hooooray.... hep hep hooorayyyy....Thanks for the report Erica

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    ok quick questions...will i need a skype or vbuzzer account??cuz if so that just means another bill on top of my current one..and if not then this will just let me dial out when im in wifi with my regular number from at&t? for free?
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    how can i use that voip now? any install readme?

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    damn thats cool more rollover mins here i come

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    Default Clarification
    Let me clarify some things out. We are talking about the iPhone implementation of the SIP protocol here. Think about SIP as a Jabber for VoIP - it's an open protocol used by a number of providers, which will require you to register an account with them. A lot of them provide a free or ultra-cheap option for local calls, but I never heard about any of those providing ubiquitous free international calls. It's not gonna be like you just call somewhere when you are at Wi-Fi hotspot and it's free (so don't get too excited) - you rather use special app to access you account and make a call from under your account. In most cases it's cheaper than common cell carriers' rates though.
    Do not confuse this with Skype. Skype uses a proprietary commercial protocol for VoIP instead of open SIP. You will notbe able to use the solution discussed here with your Skype account. To make this possible, Skype needs to make their own client app for iPhone. Which, I bet, will happen shortly after the release of iPhone/iTouch SDK in February. Skype makes the client app for such device as Nokia Internet Tablet - they are not going to ignore such platform as iPhone, which is far more popular and widespread than the Nokia's device.
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    ^ way to be a party pooper
    jk, thanks for the insight

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    Quote Originally Posted by iphonerox View Post
    ^ way to be a party pooper
    jk, thanks for the insight
    I agree thanks for the insight! Sounded good though, maybe it is still beneficial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by karim7 View Post
    what does this mean?
    This is huge, my man.. It basically means that iTouch owners will be able to make (and receive I'm guessing) phone calls from it. And I suppose on th iPhone if you have unlocked WiFi but not activated the phone portion ...even better

    God I love this site

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    this is awesome seeing as most people have wifi in their homes this will save tons of minutes for me as i do not have a home phone

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    Quote Originally Posted by aperley View Post
    I never heard about any of those providing ubiquitous free international calls.
    Free no but pennies a minute yes. bunch of them out there.

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