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Thread: MMS on the iPhone

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    this sux that its not working for T-mobile.......
    *the only replacement for displacement is boost!*

    *if its not boosted its not worth having*

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    it does work on t-mobile, check out this post

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    Default Calling ATT for MMS request
    I called ATT..rep told their system would conflict, which means it does allow her to physically enter the MMS feature option to an iPhone data plan. In other words, it's impossible to add MMS to a iphone data plan.

    She told me the only way would be to remove the "iphone data plan" add me to a regular plan then add the MMS option feature. Anyway, that was my experience, thought I'd share with you guys.

    Guess it makes sense as to why this app is mostly working with Non-ATT customers.

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    Default MMS Failed Message
    I'm using an Iphone 1.1.2 Locked jailbreaked on ATT Wireless.

    I used the exact settings given on this forum with WIFI turned off and every time I try to send an MMS I get the following message:

    "Failed to Send MMS
    The Network Reported: Service Denied"

    Anyone else have this problem? I'm taking that to mean that AT&T won't let an MMS go through from my phone.

    Any suggestions or advice would be welcome.

    This may be useful to some:

    If anyone wants to be able to send a picture from their iphone to a friend who uses verizon wireless; simply selection a picture and choose the option to email it.

    Then send it to your friends [email protected] and they will receive it as a pix message. I just tested it and it works.

    Example: [email protected]

    I would assume that almost every carrier has a similar setup where you can just email a pic to someones phone.
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    It works for me in Croatia....Outgoing only...WiFi off....Edge on

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    did it work after all???? i have at&t 1.1.2 jailbreak

    this dosent work for me .... something about edge not active.... i have at&t 1.1.2 jailbreak
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    I am an AT&T customer also and it didn't work for me at first either... i called and had them and a pay per use MMS thing to my plan and it works now... the only thing that sucks is that it is .25 cents per message. No reason to send them MMS if i can just email pics dirrectly to any phone anyway.

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    US Cellular = 10 Digit Mobile [email protected]
    Verizon Wireless = 10 Digit Mobile [email protected]
    Virgin Mobile = 10 Digit Mobile [email protected]
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    Quote Originally Posted by ipodlover77 View Post
    yup. My MMS is working perfectly. Im also on the new ATT wireless network. Im using the original firmware, jailbroken. The plan im using is the Media Net plan, the 19.99 one.
    The only problem with this is that you lose ALL voicemail notification when you get rid of the Iphone data plan and go with the MediaNet plan...I thought you would just lose visual voicemail (which you do), but more than that, you don't get notified of voicemails at support said that all the voicemail functions for the Iphone are on the iphone data plan...

    I want MMS too, but I can't afford to not know when I have a voicemail waiting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ojx View Post
    it does work on t-mobile, check out this post
    o **** it did work! thanks man
    *the only replacement for displacement is boost!*

    *if its not boosted its not worth having*

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    I just have one question!!

    How come the 1st version was working for everyone ( well at least AT&T people) and now everyone has problems with it?! Whats going on?

    If I helped you out, please press ... thanks!

    =The iPhone?!...wait!...what happened!?=

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    Using unlocked 1.1.2 with ATT services. WiFi off and I get "Failed to Send" The Network Reported: Service Denied

    What should I do?

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    hello did anyone got mms working for greek vodafone?

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    I have 1.1.3 and it works fine, I am on at&t.

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    how did you get it to work in 1.1.3 i installed it it launches, but I cant get it to hold the settings for mmsc, i put them in then save them and then it crashes to home screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inked005 View Post
    how did you get it to work in 1.1.3 i installed it it launches, but I cant get it to hold the settings for mmsc, i put them in then save them and then it crashes to home screen.
    I had this same problem after upgrading to 1.1.3 but I just simply restarted my network sendings and SwirlyMMS started working fine again. I have suncom.

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    Can you please be more specific..What exactly did you restart and did you update baseband on your iPhone or just 1.1.3?

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    Until SwirlyMMS release long awaited 0.3 version, all of you, like me, which has 1.1.3 jailbroken and unlocked with new baseband and 3.9 bootloader can use MMS app ver. 0.2 which works just fine under 1.1.3...I found out that today when I installed that old version just for the sake of try..You can find it under source in Installer app...Have fun...

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    works for me on o2-uk

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    i have at&t iphone with apps i try the mms i send my friends and they get the message is check there mail.

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