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Thread: WWDC 2008 - the quasi-live blog

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    Default WWDC 2008 - the quasi-live blog
    Woo hoo! Will the iPhone 2 be announced today? Whats gonna be on it? All the details are coming now, and we will be funneling the news in from various sites into one thread here. Keep checking this post for up to the minute updates.

    We'll be checking: MacRumors | Engadget | Gizmodo | CNET

    Here we go!

    10:05 AM - folks sitting down, Apple employees getting people calmed down - wouldn't you rather do the opposite?
    10:06 AM - lights are dimming
    10:08 AM - 52,000 attendees this year
    10:10 AM - we'd like to hook our iphone's up wirelessly to MS exchange - this is done in the new firmware (not new news)
    10:11 AM - VPN security also built in, enterprise love it. 35% of the Fortune 500 participated in their enterprise beta test
    10:12 AM - playing a video of the various Fortune 500 companies that beta tested 2.0
    10:15 AM - video is now over, clapping
    10:15 AM - next up is the SDK. talking about it... same basic kernel on the iPhone as there is on OS X (Scott Forstall talking - vp of iPhone software)
    10:18 AM - talking about the various parts of the SDK. X-Code, Simulator, Instruments.
    10:19 AM - he's demo-ing how to use Interface Builder, making a small app called "Nearby Friends".
    10:22 AM - still showing how to use Interface Builder... pulling in contacts to his app.
    10:25 AM - He finished his app. Thousands of developers using SDK, he's now reading some of the accolades from people who've used it.
    10:27 AM - David Pogue said "we're witnessing the birth of another major computer platform"
    10:28 AM - In March, Sega blew us away with what they'd accomplished in 2 weeks working on Super Monkey Ball. Ethan Einhorn of Sega is now talking about Super Monkey Ball
    10:29 AM - showing off the last level of Super Monkey Ball right now - accelerometer is incredible with it
    10:30 AM - next up is eBay (Ken Sun - group product manager, mobile) 84 million active users. They've developed a Native Application for the iPhone.
    10:32 AM - typical eBay stuff, looks good and works well. can do all eBay stuff from it
    10:35 AM - Loopt talking now. They make a location-aware social network for use on mobile devices with other networks as well - will be free on the iPhone at launch of AppStore
    10:36 AM - TypePad is up now. Blogging software will be available for the iPhone via a native app
    10:37 AM - TypePad native app will let you blog straight from the photo library on your iPhone, you can add comments, etc. can publish direct from the app, and then "click to view" which will open it up in Safari. App will be free on the iPhone App Store.
    10:39 AM - Associated Press is up now. Benjamin F says they're launching the Mobile News Network, which automatically retrieves local news using location services. Can also watch video from their network via the app.
    10:42 AM - Gizmodo hears from WordPress that they will also have a native application launching within the week
    10:45 AM - Brian Greenstone from Pangaea Software is demoing Enigmo
    10:46 AM - photo via Gizmodo

    10:48 AM - also showing off Cromag, another of their games. Both will be available on the AppStore for $9.99.
    10:49 AM - Band, hosted on our own ModMyI Installer and Cydia sources is now being shown! not bad...
    10:52 AM - will have scores and more on an iPhone app for ya
    10:53 AM - Modality showed off their medical software
    10:58 AM - Digital Legends Entertainment is now up - just started working with theSDK - their app will be ready by September. Graphics are incredible.
    photos courtesy engadget:

    11:01 AM - Apple wants to fix and support the background processes issue
    11:02 AM - they are providing a push notification for all developers. persistent IP connection right to the phone. can push notifications through their service to the end user
    11:05 AM - Steve back up. PowerPoint can now be played on the iPhone as well as Word and Excel docs. Pages, Numbers, KeyNote also work now.
    11:08 AM - New languages coming to the iPhone, such as Chinese - wait, there's also a handwriting recognition method, sound familiar?
    11:09 AM - talking about AppStore. Can access AppStore from almost anywhere in the world - 62 countries.
    11:10 AM - apps over 10 MB can be downloaded via WiFi or iTunes, apps under 10 MB can be dl'd via EDGE as well.
    11:12 AM - iPhone 2.0 will be free for iPhone users, $9.95 for iPod Touch users
    11:14 AM - Phil is talking about MobileMe. Push email and info for anyone.
    photo courtesy of macrumors

    11:21 AM - MobileMe is a web/mobile version of Address Book, iPhoto, iCal, iDisk, and more. VERY cool new face on an existing service (.Mac).
    11:22 AM - All done via Push technology, so when you update something on your computer or iPhone, it automatically updates your other devices.
    11:24 AM - still demoing. They've basically ported iCal, iPhoto, Address Book, and iDisk to a web interface via, and integrated push technology via the iPhone and Macs - web app of course even works via pc. slick. is not up and running yet in actual production - but they're browsing shows it as the URL. look for that soon. Will be $99/yr, 20 GB storage.
    11:28 AM - Steve is back up, wants to talk about the iPhone.
    11:29 AM - iPhone has 90% customer satisfaction. going through stats... iPhone has changed mobile computing, really got folks involved in the data side. Sold 6 million iPhones already.

    11:30 AM - "we've sold iPhones in 6 countries, but believe me, they're in use in MANY more countries" - you're welcome, Steve.
    11:32 AM - iPhone 3G is here
    11:33 AM - flush headphone jack, full metal buttons, vastly improved audio
    11:37 AM - 3G talk time will be 5 hours
    Photos from Engadget, Mac Rumors, and Gizmodo:

    11:40 AM - built-in GPS
    11:33 AM - available everywhere GSM is available, pretty much.
    11:45 AM - $199 for the 8GB model, $299 for the 16GB model
    11:46 AM - the 16GB iPhone 3G will also come in white.
    11:48 AM - launch date is July 11th
    11:49 AM - Tag line: "Finally, the first phone to beat the iPhone... Introducing the NEW iPhone 3G."
    11:50 AM - That's it, we're done!

    Awesome. So look for a whole new ModMyI section for the new 3G iPhone, cash and I will be picking ours up on the 11th. Its gonna be fun, folks...

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    Thanks for putting this all together!

    I really wish I could be at this and watch it live.

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    i came home from school to watch the updates anyone have a live stream??

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    Ps I'd check here: TUAW Meta-Liveblog of WWDC 08 Keynote - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

    That's being kept up to date fast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellbuster View Post

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    Come on,iPhone 2.0!!!!!!

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    any way to hear it live via my iPhone? Im toobusy to be in front of a computer.

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    i cant get away from my computer even though i gotta pee really bad now lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellbuster View Post
    The guy typing is annoying.
    "Thanks" button. Learn it. Use it. Love it.

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    10:19 am Cocoa Touch makes creating great UIs a breeze. Talking now about the development tools -- xCode, Interface Builder, the iPhone simulator, and Instruments.
    10:18 am Core Services includes everything from a complete database layer to core location, for easily building location-based functionality into applications. Also a very fast implementation of OpenGL.
    10:16 am Talking about the APIs -- Cocoa Touch, Media, Core Services, Core OS. Core OS makes use of the same kernel as Mac OS X.

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    Keep refreshing guys - I'm updating the first post as I go.

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    YEAAAH! Cmon....I can hardly wait for a pic!!!!!!
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA runs around n screams :P

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    10:20 am Uses the built-in Address Book API to access contacts as well as the Core Location API. The application will show contacts within a 10 mile radius.
    10:19 am Demo -- showing how to construct a UI in Interface Builder. Creating a basic Cocoa Touch application called Nearby Friends.

    This just shows the infinite possiblities and uses with 2.0 I mean finding friends within a 10 mile radius via iphone!! that is amazing. It would be great too for families in case your child gets kidnapped or lost.

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    When is the 2.0 firmware coming out??? That's what I wanna' know.

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    @ rvashi - No word yet

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    Monkeyball is going to cost $9.99 thats alot of money .
    Native ebay app.
    Please hit the thanks button if I helped you out

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    with 100 levels sounds reasonable

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    I bet at the end of this keynote Jobs going to say, "and one more thing" we have a new iPhone with 3G!

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    (long pause)............available next year..........j/k steve and his jokes lol

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