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Thread: Newest iPhone Pics Possible Fakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apple iPie View Post
    Guys,its FAKE. I wonder why,red model does NOT have a lock button?
    Yeah, you're right, Apple has never made any graphical errors or typos before, especially not for pre-release drafts they were planning on leaking.
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    I have to say, I would believe the red before the black one. The black looks like a grey plastic 4 year old sh!t toy really...

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    too ugly and squarish. so easy to tell that they're fakes.

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    Default maybe they're not fake
    Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post
    Photo 1: The red iPhone has no lock button. No dock port on black iPhone.
    Photo 2: The red iPhone has no lock button. No dock port on black iPhone.
    Photo 3: The time on the iPhone reads 1:25pm. All previous iPhone images have a time of 9:42. Look at your iPhone box. Also the front camera is square to the page, while the iPhone is at an angle.
    Photo 4: It says "Now available for iPhone --- and Windows!
    Photo 6: The red iPhone has no lock button. No dock port on black iPhone.
    All Pics are in cough cough Photoshop
    Okay, I can't explain the no lock button, but no dock port could mean wireless syncing and charging?!

    Does it really matter what the time is on the iPhone? Previous iPhone, previous time. New iPhone, new time.

    Safari is on Windows and iPhone, so what's so unrealistic about iChat coming to Windows and iPhone? The iPhone has always been missing an IM Client and it's about time Apple finally realized this.

    If someone was to fake the photos, then I don't think they would be stupid enough to have Photoshop running.
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    lol well besides the fact that Apple doesn't make stupid mistakes, and the red one has a dock port lol

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    um, the photos were taken of the computer while MAKING promotional materials in photoshop, that's why you can see the photoshop UI.

    that's the story anyway. the photos are probably fake

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    Default ah
    Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post
    lol well besides the fact that Apple doesn't make stupid mistakes, and the red one has a dock port lol
    never noticed that got excited there

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    Yes, why must everyone immediately jump on the fact that this was in Photoshop? Besides the word being the sole nomenclature for every picture under the sun that has debuted on the internet, is it unreasonable to believe that -- gasp -- people who work in advertising might use the software for what it was intended for ... touching up photos/artwork/ads? Or are all those so quick to jump on the "PHOTOSHOPPED!!!" bandwagon under the impression that photos just end up that nice naturally, as if Apple got five iPhones to stand up all by themselves while they took a pic? Touch-ups and professionalizing are part of the game. I'm not saying I think these are the real deal, I'm just saying there is nothing (not even the omission of the lock button on the red phone) which in any way screams that this is definitely fake.

    I also agree that it is not crazy to think Apple would bring iChat to Windows. Apple wants as much attention as it can get, and the more Windows users get accustomed to using Apple products such as iTunes and Safari, the more likely in the future they are to purchase a Mac instead of a PC. It's called marketing.

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    rofl phailed at spoofing
    this picture is opened in photoshop

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    I am 100% sure this is fake, and surprised no one noticed this. Look at the back picture of the phone again. Look at how the edges are angled, but the speakers and microphone are flat. It has crappy shoop job all over it.

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    I love how you say Edit yet it doesn't say you Edited your post at all.

    edit look I edited your post and it doesnt show edited at all zomgz 1337 - cash

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    Quote Originally Posted by riku98523 View Post
    I love how you say Edit yet it doesn't say you Edited your post at all.
    lol I noticed that to..
    Maybe mods don't have the Edit status on the bottom. Or Rob showed cash all the picture flaws and for some reason he tagged them as Edit. lol w/e

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    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    Anyone seen these pics?

    from -

    3G iPhone in White In The Latest Leaked Photographs - High Tech Lounge

    The middle one looks so fake. Why's the screen white?
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    i have no idea what to be believed anymore about all these images flying all over the place, but i do see some similar things among them all.

    all of the pics and images/mockup's we have seen all share the same basic shape. this would lead me to believe thats what the shape will be or they all got that design from the same source giving them misinformation (apple).

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