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Thread: Real Shot of the 3g iPhone?

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    ^ awe and hype which will end up having many people here sorely disappointed, in my opinion.

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    If it showed the front camera for 3G then it would be more believable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by *TYL3R* View Post
    It looks as if someone just spray painted the iPhone black mabye that will be one of the new colors available I really dont think there going to change the body of the iPhone yet
    I cannot be 100% sure obviously, but I have been told that the phone accessory companies have been told to expect a new shape for the new iPhone. I know this sounds really smartass, but I do have reliable information (network), that one particular accessory which was made for the iPhone, doesnt fit the new one. One more thing, there was also something mentioned about a FireWire connector. If this is old news, I'm sorry. I haven't been keeping up lately

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    I think I need to call BS, just look how pixelated it is around the Apple, but you never know. Only 9 days until we found out right?

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    It kinda looks like the back is made of rubber. Weird
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    The black iphone picture that exekias showed us is just a fake.. Of course the new iPhone will be black but there's no text on the back of the phone which means "IT'S SPRAYPAINTED".. The new iPhone will have a completely new design too!!! Well just 8 more days to go and we'll know...!

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    If thats the new Iphone I wont be buying it. Its missing a flash for the camera as many of you know the camera is **** without good lighting.

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    zomg!!!!! its the 3g iphone!!!!!!!!!!  03473

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    apple has actually tipped some info about a black iphone this a legit picture I think!

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    I think that this pic has been proven to be thoroughly debunked. The mods should really either take down the thread or reveal the truth in the post. No need to go on giving the "anonymous source" glee in seeing a meandering thread full of people avidly discussing whether the jack is truly recessed, whether something is photoshopped (the war cry when any pic goes up), and how the 3G iPhone will suck if it's not like they imagined it.

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    if you dont like the fact that there is speculation on forums ALWAYS then leave... nobody likes a ***** especially when youve never gone out to search for the info posted here ever you come to read the "news" so if you really feel like complaining do it elsewhere please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by exekias View Post
    the picture of the iphone on the keyboard was proven to be a case by engadget, which shows that every possibl thing is "photoshopeed" to you lot, just accept that this si all speculation and that these may be fakes or the real deal, but aple specifically said they would change a few more things on there 2nd gen iphone other than just the 3g chipset, apple is pretty predictable of late so open ur mind, i mean at least one "leaked" picture is realesed to the press everyday of some up and coming device, i mean ever HTC and palm has been leaked at least a few months before release and yet u all accept that but when it comes to the iphone ur all crying fowl because ur convinvced apples 3g iphone will be so awsome that it cant possibly be the any of the pictures released so far, i think u all getting carried away by the awe and hype
    wtf did you just say!?

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    Wow.. are you people not reading the above posts ?

    They have found out that this is a mod of the back plate that you can actually buy online and the picture is cropped. It's just a regular iPhone that has been modified. Period.

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    Why don't these photos ever have the serial number or any other info on the back. It better not ber on the front and I really don't think they'll not have the IMEI on the back since spoofing is easy. I like to belive it, but I won't until i see the new iPhone.

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    Open any image in notepad, if there's anything about Adobe (it will clearly say Adobe) then it is a fake. Go ahead, save the image in the first post and open it in notepad.

     JFIF   d d   Ducky     3   Adobe d    „ 

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    think of it like this: if it actually were a real shot of it, it wouldn't be on this website anymore due to Apple's lawyers. that's how they've done it in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erix920 View Post
    Open any image in notepad, if there's anything about Adobe (it will clearly say Adobe) then it is a fake. Go ahead, save the image in the first post and open it in notepad.

     JFIF   d d   Ducky     3   Adobe d     
    unless someone has opened it in photoshop to resize/crop? not that i think its the case with this particular image, but if i managed to take a pic of the 3g iPhone, id probably open it up in photoshop to make sure its a decent size it as a new image...get my drift?

    just an example of how an image can still be perfectly legitimate and have adobe stamped all over it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chase817 View Post
    zomg!!!!! its the 3g iphone!!!!!!!!!!
    I want one of those. That's got to be the real thing. lol

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