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Thread: Vodafone Attacks!

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    Now all we have to do is get the Unlocked Firmware and Baseband software from an unlocked iPhone and upgrade our locked phones! Is it just me or is this pretty exciting!
    No more downgrade/upgrade/virginize... Not that I don't appreciate all the hard work the dev team and all the other software geniuses out there put into jailbreaking/unlocking and apps, but wouldn't this mean we could basically upgrade and not brick our iphones?

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    Default Just reported on BBC News Website
    T-Mobile to open up iPhone sales

    iPhone users are still tied to just one network in the US and UK
    T-Mobile is to start allowing German customers to buy Apple's iPhone without a contract to its network, as it moves to comply with a court injunction.
    Its announcement comes after rival Vodafone went to a German court to challenge T-Mobile's exclusive tie-up with the iPhone in Germany.

    T-Mobile will now sell people just the handset for 999 euros ($1,477; 719).

    This is a significant premium over the 399-euro price for those who also take out a two-year T-Mobile contract.

    Similar tie-ups

    Apple has similar exclusive iPhone arrangements with O2 in the UK and AT&T in the US.

    T-Mobile added that customers could also now have the SIM lock on their iPhone removed, including those who have already purchased a handset.

    This would allow them to switch to another phone network.

    T-Mobile said in its statement that it would abide by the conditions "until the legal situation is resolved".

    How much?

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    Default i got one....
    So, I went into a T-Mobile Sho and got one for 999,-- Euro
    As this is brandnew, the lady in the shop made a mistake and gave me a number to call to get the unlock code. But they are not able to give it to me now. I have been told to go back to the shop and get it unlocked there.

    I understood that the unlock is seems to be connected to the IMEI but i guess it is a code which you have to dial into the phone .

    Tomorrow I will go to the shop again to make the unlock and i try to find out how it is done. I keep you updated


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    999 euros lol. thats a nice way to put people off. That really is an insane price to pay, even for an iphone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dnc95 View Post
    Now all we have to do is get the Unlocked Firmware and Baseband software from an unlocked iPhone and upgrade our locked phones!...
    Hopefully that can work out... waiting patiently for more good news

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    Default Somebody helpme to fix my iphone!!!
    I was using my iphone 1.0.2, after use virginizer pack i upgraded my iphone to 1.1.1 using anySIM new version and it was working like for a mount.

    Now i got text box invalid sim and menu--->setting--->wi-fi iphone said
    "No Wi-Fi" i did restore like factory setting (1.1.1) andi have same text "No Wi-Fi" and incorrect sim.

    So I dongrade my iphone to 1.0.2, I did jalibreak (no wi fi still & incorrect sim), added intaller,BSDsubsitem, Mobil terminal & virinizer pack, after finish to run virginizer pack, i have incorrect sim and no wi fi.

    What can I do for fix my iphone???
    Somebady helpme please................

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    Default ok it is here....
    So I got the information from the T Shop that Apple will open the Phone only by IMEI Nr. and via iTunes.

    We will see if it really works like this. Does anyone has see a possibility to jailbreak 1.1.2 and to look into the files without downgrading to 1.1.1?


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    This could be very interesting. Do the Dev Team have a donate page specifically for buying one of thesephones?

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    I don't get it. How is this good or bad for us in the US ?

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    its good because then it will be factory unlocked no more locks any gsm service

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    Would it not be funny if Apple were simply using IPSF? - after all; you send them your IMEI they register it and they register it.

    Don't know how they would do the back-end stuff on your phone, but to me this makes me think that the IPSF way could actually be the correct method of an unlock (ie: someone working at Apple leaked some very important information).

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    Default it seems so.....
    Honestly it seems that Apple uses a similar Method then ipsf.

    Telekom told me they get it unlocked with the IMEI only and via iTunes.
    Taking 24 hours about.


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