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Thread: Gameboy Advanced Emulator for iPhone/iPod Touch

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    you can't post that link here... please remove it or you'll probably get banned by one of the mods.
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    when I say in the first post don't link to these files, don't link to warez, I'm not kidding.

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    When i press the A button nothing happens then when i press the B button it works like the a button, Wheres the B button
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    when are we going to see PSP games on this thing lol.

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    great job

    everything works for me--so far only have final fantasy tactics (really laggy) and zelda

    however B==A A==?

    how hard would it be to make the screen larger?

    anyways, looking forward to updates
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    IMO, I dont like this so far. The game pad looks like it was made in paint. Theres no sound, and the game play screen is sooo small. Ill stick with NES emulator until this gets further along.

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    Im glad they managed to make the emulator at least.

    The beta is...stable, but not ready for the emulation world.

    Can't Wait for the official v1.0 of this. Hopefully they'll smooth out the issues:
    *breath in*:
    • Added sound.
    • Fix the graphics (the buttons are ULGY, too big and not spaced out enough)
    • Fix the bugs - for example...the B button is the "A" button for me now and the A button is as useless as horse $#!t.
    • Increase Frame Size and frame rendering speed.
    • Better GUI (maybe like the NES rom - easy to use and easy to save )
    • Make the Save functions accessible (yes - you can't save your gave even when the have the DAMN function. Because the gpSPhone options are accessible only when u press save when you have no game loaded...wth? )
    • MulitiTouch Support with games that demand more would be nice and also IS required!!

    All in all - im very happy i've got it installed and working on my iphone. I cannot WAIT for updates. This application is pure awesome.

    Im so glad im nearly going to scrap all my 8 bit games. (excluding kirby that NES game was and still is the bomb) - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    Version 0.0.5 is out! They updated so many things and it runs much much smoother now, with sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tamakin View Post
    Version 0.0.5 is out! They updated so many things and it runs much much smoother now, with sound.


    Oh i figured it out, you get it from there website and you jsut replace the old files with the new version.

    Its pretty nice now, no more black lines but it runs really slow and i found that certain buttons dont always work, but still great for being 0.0.5
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    is it just me or my B button refuses to work in both versions 0.4 & 0.5.. nice looking update thou in 0.5

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    thanks for the update!

    Awesome with sound already. That'll be effecting the frame rate.

    Hopefully in later versions they'll fix it up! - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1_iPhone_Lovin_Canadian View Post

    you can update it tru installer

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    Default New release is great
    Great release fixes the graphical glitches only issue is that the controls still arent mapped quite right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post
    For all of you that want to play gameboy advanced games on your iphone, the time has come!! The folks at have released gpSPhone, a gameboy advanced emulator.

    This should be available via installer now. If you want to install it manually here is the link

    Place gba_bios.bin (GBA BIOS) in /Applications/ do not ask for or share for links for this . . . you will be banned if you do
    Place your roms in /var/root/Media/ROMs/GBA
    we will not provide roms here, or link to them, so don't even ask, don't post links to roms . . . . once again warez = banned here.

    YouTube - gpSPhone GBA emu on iPod touch!

    Things that still need work:
    - Compatibility is lower than usual but many games are playable. This is being worked on as a high priority.
    - Sound output is disabled, but it IS being emulated. So performance will only get better as this feature gets worked on.
    - Auto frameskip might be off. Switch to manual frameskip if needed.
    - GUI and instructions need a lot of work.

    be sure to check out the developers site for updates on the project.

    thanks realisticmind1
    This may be a stupid question, but what is a "rom"?

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    Its the games.

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    .5 is out, and sound is working now ;D
    I'd rather be on two wheels.

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    the new version is WAY better than the last one! the overall look is better, the video runs smoother, and the sounds works... and works well!

    great job!!
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    I must be doing something wrong.

    I've got the app. loaded and the bios.

    But I can't seem to get a rom to play. I've tried a few but the emulator screen is just blank when I select them.

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