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Thread: [Rumor] 3g iPhone Will Make You Broke

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    wow, some of these replys are so rediculously stupid.

    "3G is not worth it" - What a TOOL

    And this whole post is retarted. I am an rsc at att and my manager would have told me if he heard anything about the iphone. You think Apple would leak that much information to a STORE MANAGER for att?

    Also to let everyone store is out of 8gb's

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    Quote Originally Posted by laz305 View Post
    regardless they should offer us current iphone owners some type of upgrade discount. Like let us exchange our current one for the new one and just pay the difference or a $50 deductable. It is so unfair for them to expect us to buy a new iphone evrytime and just throw away our old $500 iphone.
    how is it unfair? you aren't forced to buy a new iPhone it's up to you. You aren't forced to buy any phone. I love when people complain about what is and isn't fair for a company to release for you to optionally purchase... If you want to talk about not fair take a look at what Obama would like to do tax wise if elected.

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    price discount or not they know people will buy them regardless. I know when I bought mine it was only a week or two later when the 16gb came out and for $100 I was able to swap but that was only becauseof the 30 policy. I'm going to continue modding, crashing,and remodding my 1st gen. iPhone

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    Reading this thread is quite amusing to me...

    My local store has quite a few iPhones in stock.. 8 & 16's

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    I'd be happy with a Version 1 iPhone. $700 is too rich for my pockets.
    $500 for a 16-Gig unlocked phone is pricey enough!
    My current phone's toast and I want an iPhone!

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    I'd buy mine refurbished 1 month or so after relaunch date. Good price cut for the same product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by french bum View Post
    Until they can be hacked for t-mobile I'm left in the dark anyhow. By that time, they will have come down in price.
    amen brother! and by the time 3G is available nationwide by tmobile which i hear is supposed to be the end of the year, the price will definitely come down. ill just keep my 16 gig
    waiting on my iPhone 6+

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    3G isn't worth it - when the nearest 3G is 40 minutes away.

    AT&T says I have good coverage at work when I can't get an EDGE or voice signal on the sidewalk in front of one of our buildings.

    GPS, a better phone, video recording, more storage (I have 40GBs of music) might make me a customer. After all, some day I will need a test unit for software development
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    Quote Originally Posted by nycdiplomat View Post
    amen brother! and by the time 3G is available nationwide by tmobile which i hear is supposed to be the end of the year, the price will definitely come down. ill just keep my 16 gig
    The 3G T-Mobile is rolling out nationally isn't data last I heard...

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    What is true is a new phone is coming soon. Apple reported this week that is has sold out of the current iphone. They would not allow a sellout to occur if they did not want to clear their inventory for a new phone.

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    I would first look at it,and then make a choice,otherwisee,this is crazy,for us to say
    "3G sucks" or "3G rulezz"... We just need to wait

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    I got the word today.... Price starts at $299 and there is a $50 rebate for signing a 2 year contract or re-uping your current contract for another 2 years.

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    i would do that in a heartbeat.

    too bad, it's too good to be true.

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    I think this is all bs.
    I wouldn't need a 3G iPhone to begin with.

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