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Thread: iTunes 7.5 Update

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    Red face Won't change
    Syncing: OK
    Option Restore: Ok
    Downgrade Firmware : Ok

    this won't change. They realy can't stop us from syncing becaue they arn't allowed to chek the carrier. Also if someone took their sim out for a good reason. Next, why would they get rid of the restore option? Unless you mean it restores difrently. That wouldn't make sence at all. If you can sync you can restore. Downgrading won't be taken away because you can always install the old iTunes and downgrade or hackers will make a program that downgrades. Give Apple a little credit. They arn't as stupid as you think. i mean they did invent the iPhone.

    Correct me if I'm wrong because i can't think strait. I went to Gamestop today to get Call of Duty 4 and it only came out for x box (Crappy system). The only reason they got it a day early was because the had a high pre-order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrdan24 View Post
    I have locked iphone with v1.0.2 and it is jailbroken.It has been downgraded from 1.1.1. Will this itunes update work with my phone. Will it still be able to sync, do a retore to 1.0.2,update to 1.1.1, and if I had to downgrade again with app tapp installer.
    Need to know before I do this, dont wanna mess up my phone.

    iTunes seems fine for anyone to update right now.

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    I dont wanna update. Just wanted to make sure if i was to download itunes7.5, I would still be able to do everything that I was doing with itunes


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    Default From Engadget
    Just saw this on Engadget.

    If you hadn't heard, iTunes 7.5 hit today, and while we were all busy yawning at the seemingly insignificant update, MacRumors Forums user "FreeState" was checking out some localized strings and tracked down a few gems. Number 4320.069 asks if you're "sure you want to manually manage your music on your iPhone?" Yeah, we're sure. While 4320.073 teases that "Enabling the iPhone for disk use requires manually ejecting the iPhone before each disconnect, even when automatically syncing music." We can live with those demands. Mr. 4320.075 is a bit more generic, but 4320.082 is the sexiest of the bunch: "The iPhone "^1" contains new voice memos. Would you like to move these voice memos to your iTunes library?" We've been waiting for months for the iPhone to add that no-brainer feature, so here's hoping that the next iPhone update will be swift and promise-fulfilling.

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    i guess i'll try it

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    I updated with a 1.0.2 phone and haven't had any problems!

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    hmmm updates on iTunes?!
    I'm at work now can't wait to get home to update in the laptop only, if i don't like it, still have the old one in the desktop...
    so till them

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    Same problem here, but I use cyber duck so independence isn't really that much of a bother

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    Can anyone with x64 OS confirm if syncing might be enabled now in 7.5???

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    Default Independence Not Run
    with this new version of itunes, independence not run....

    i use independence for ALL, for jailbrake, activate, send apps to the iphone

    someone know if there a solution?

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    does anyone know if it is compatiable with 1.0.2. Meaning, syncing, restoring, downgrading with app tapp and if need be updating to 1.1.1. I heard from one source it does update. But still no info for the other ones. If anybody has a locked jailbroken iphone v.1.0.2 and has been able to use itunes 7.5 with everything working normally, please let me know.


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    Default Error 0xE800001 in iTunes 7.5
    since the update to iTunes 7.5 this morrning i cannot connect my iphone anymore...instead i get the abover error message..from 0xE800001 .....0xE800004, the last time I tried. Anyone experiencing the same aor better even does know how to solve it

    Since I updated to 7.5 i get the Error 0xE800001...anyone familiar with that one and knows how to fix it?
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    for people who's updated iTunes and iNdependence wont't work:
    download iTunes 7.4.2 from here:,2...634533s,00.htm
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    To all you independence folk... from their website...



    Nov. 5/07 - Was enjoying the lull before the inevitable storm... as usual, don't upgrade to iTunes 7.5. Looks like Apple removed the private functions needed for jailbreak from the MobileDevice framework. Time to find another way in...

    Won't take long I'm sure!
    I do NOT use windows!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fastuning View Post
    with this new version of itunes, independence not run....

    i use independence for ALL, for jailbrake, activate, send apps to the iphone

    someone know if there a solution?
    download the 7.4.2 back but before you install. reinstall your itunes by using appzapper. if you dont have here

    this will clean and remove your itunes and clean all. dont worry it will not remove your music.

    then fresh install the 7.4.2 back

    your independence will work again. good luck!

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    My iphone is jailbroke only ussing touchfree. Will this update mess with the jailbreak? see my daughter updated this moring and was all proud that she did this update. now I am affraid to sync my phone with itunes. any one use the touchfree and new itunes update yet?

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    Has anyone tried iTunes 7.5 with iPhonebrowser? If so, does it still work?

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    I can't use the ctrl+resotre any more on 7.5 using a XP machine.

    Anyone confirm?

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    independence does not work with itunes 7.5

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