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Thread: Apple co-founder likes his iPhone unlocked!

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    I don't have an apple computer, as a software developer, I have done lots of development work for business applications and communications using windows. The problem with Apple was, and remains, that it is a closed system. It seems to be designed for technology takers, user, but not for developers or innovators. This is why there are so many more applications for PCs than for Apples.

    As to the Ring Tone issue -- It's amazing that Apple would disallow this, but as a left-leaning political person, it seems that jobs and apple believe that big brother should dole out everything, and that individuals should simply be happy with what they get, and ask no questions. Apple devotees make claims that Apples are immune to problems, free of viruses, perfect machines -- but the iPhone proves once again that perfection is in the eyes of the beholder. For me, disallowing access to something as basic as custom ring tones sends a clear message -- we know better than you do. I've heard this from some political candidates, and hollywood actors (with minimal education) and it rings hollow.

    The culture of Apple is clearly pervasive, and has impacted the iPhone in ways that are not apparent to the choir members who sing the praises of Apple and don't seem to care about the lockbox conrol Apple puts on their systems.

    There's nothing wrong with ring tones, or applications for apple products, except that they've ruled them out or made those who want them or provide them into technology pirates or misfits. Thank goodness Apple has some competitors who will take what works, and toss what doesn't. An iphone like product from Research in Motion or Motorola, let's hope it doesn't come with any of the foolish limitations of the Apple product.

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    Woz 4 President!!!

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    I WISH this guy was in charge his cool not like that steve *******

    Iphone is an amazing product bit APPLE doesnt know how to run bussines. But it doesnt matter anyway becasue we have unlocks, bypassing activation and **** like that so who cares what APPLE says

    ALL the 3rd party etc
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    Iphone Love... I dreamed of a iphone before it was out..

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    Woz..Staggering genius. What more can you say about him? I remember reading he showed up to stand in line with everyone else to get his iPhone the night they were released. People realized who he was and everyone was like "Nooo.. you go to the front of the line and get the first one". It would be like meeting Edison..only way cooler

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