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Thread: vWallpaper video wallpaper released

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    Quote Originally Posted by kona View Post
    I have to disagree with you on bosstool not working for 1.1.4 as it does for me. I had 20mb left when I installed vWallpaper and I used it to move my files and it worked just fine now it says I have like 131mb.

    And still my camera and snapture are both working with vWallpaper on and I don't have any problems with the ipod video playback or anyother problem for that matter. It's running flawlessly and installed it last night and my phone has been off charge all night and day and my battery hasn't lost any charge so far.

    Keep the cool videos coming!!
    I'm with you man...I don't know why soo many people are having problems with it. It has worked great for me. No problems taking pictures..I use Snapture..battery life is just the same as it was before. Oh, and bosstool works for me too..I'm on 1.1.4.
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    do you know what would be nice for this application?
    to conbine it with "weather", one video for each weather.. either sunny, rainy, cloudy, etc... changing by itself as checks the actual weather over wifi or edge...
    don't you think?

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    that is a great idea!

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    how does it do with battery life anyone know i haven't got a chance to try it yet
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    Quote Originally Posted by b3nny View Post
    I KNOW WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS!! the problem is that you are out of space in your apps partition. normally people would fix this problem with bosstool, but it doesn't work with 1.1.4 which is why i've had this problem as well. bosstool will, however, tell you how much space is left on that partition (something STILL doesn't do). so go ahead and install it and check out your freespace (BUT DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE YOUR APPLICATIONS TO THE MEDIA PARTITION, its not supported in 1.1.4 yet and some people have had bad stuff happen from trying). i garuntee it'll say you have less space than the size of the movie you're trying move over with cyberduck. i uninstalled a bunch of apps i don't use, and deleted all the other vwallpaper movies in order to make room, and then cyberduck let me make the transfer.

    anyone know how to move apps to media partition on 1.1.4???
    I used boss tool just fine on my 1.1.4 iPod Touch

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    can someone make a video of puffs of smoke that would be sweet

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    Quote Originally Posted by SunnyBwoy View Post
    whats another way besides ssh into the phone from ftp to add these vids to that folder like ibreaker did? anyone pls oh yea im on 1.14

    The video's would not worked when I used Winscp to import them so I tried Ibrickr; they work just find with Ibrickr.

    Quote Originally Posted by JonMS View Post
    I used boss tool just fine on my 1.1.4 iPod Touch
    So did I
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    after loading new videos into the correct directory various app icons (iSolitare, Instafresh, iPowerhour, CameraPro, and even vWallpaper) all dissappeard from my second other sprinboards were not affected and not all the apps were affected on the second springboard the programs that are not showing up still are showed as installed in Installer but they are not showing up in Poof app...a uninstall and reinstall of vWallpaper fixed the problem of that showing up but the other missing programs are still not there...1.1.4 winpwn

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    I have successfully downloaded and ssh'd about 7 video wallpapers for this app. Very cool for sure. I tried to add the myrepospace source but I get the main script execution failed error when I try to install the vwallpaper pack. Any help?

    thanks in advance everyone.


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    Default vWallpaper
    I hope a user make a hot movies with Babes (Female)!

    Sorry, for my bad englisch! I`m a german boy

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    Yes..these are awesome. If anyone know the process on how to make your own that would be sweet. I didnt know if i needed anyother software to be able to record the video? Thanks -_-

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    Default i cant find the folder when i ssh for vwallpaper
    hello, this is great. but there one thing you should do a demo on how to drop vids into the iphone.. i ssh into it but cant find th folder vwallpaper and i cant find all the vwallpapers wallpapers...can someone to do a step by step to find this folder when i ssh??? thank you looking forward to creating

    Quote Originally Posted by superrama View Post
    vWallpaper- is an app that allows u to play .mov video files as ur wallpaper

    Its available from Installer via the repo

    videos go into /Library/Skrew/Videos

    Here's some vids i made

    The first shows the stock videos plus one of animated wallpapers i got of youtube and another vid of girls dancing in lingerie

    The second one is a concept that came to me and i thought it would be funny so i made a vid of me trapped inside my iphone

    this is great...can someone tell me where the vwallpaper folder is so i can drop vwallpapers in when i ssh........also how do i convert vid .....thanks lets have fun.....
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    it doesn't let ur music play with wallpaper showing.... anyone else have this problem?
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    Can someone plz tell me where the videos save to when downloaded over mxtube so I can use it as my wallpaper

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    Ok I've tried everything and just can't get this working. I turned off themed wallpaper and wallpaper in SMB Prefs, I'm using Customize 1.21 (custom) and I don't see anything bout wallpaper in there, and I'm on 1.1.4. Hell, I even uninstalled SMB Prefs and it STILL doesn't work.

    WTF am I doing wrong?

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    Hey DarkoNova,

    try to reboot. Start the app and set the vwallpaper off. Then turn it on again and choose your video. If it still doesn't work set the permission to 0775. Maybe that will work.

    By the way, does anyone know what emulator is shown in the video. Looks pretty nice!

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    u have to toggle on and off in vwallpaper
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    Any one know why videos included in the app are stored in two places?
    I removed the videos from the application directory and have had no problems.

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    any cool vids
    2.1 T-mobile

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    i read all 10 pages and evertything ive tried doesn't help. i'm running 1.1.1 got the app instald turned off evertything in SB and the vids still wont show. any ideas or does this not work well with 1.1.1

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