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Thread: Watch your DVR from your iPhone - MythTV for iPhone

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    Check out

    Its very similar. It's in the beta testing phase.

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    the tube from equinux got that too!!!

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    If you are running XP MCE or Vista with Media Centre, stop.

    Install ORB on your PC and ORBLIVE on your iPhone.

    Now you can control your DVR/PVR and watch/listen to ALL the media on your PC.

    I can: (on my iPhone, over Wifi)
    a) watch all media files (movies, divx, xvid, avi, etc...)
    b) listen to all my audio files (any type)
    c) watch live TV running through my digital cable box
    d) change the channels
    e) watch recorded TV

    Contact me if you need assistance.


    Quote Originally Posted by iphoneuser2008 View Post

    I am a medium experienced user for the iphone. I own a commercial DVR as well as a Slingbox. I have Windows Vista.

    I have a unlocked iphone with 1.1.3

    Anyways,, like in the video,, I to want to stream my DVR,,,tv,,,video to my Iphone.

    So After looking at the MythTV DVR to Iphone video,,, I was left with more questions then answers.

    (1) How do I get this for my iphone, if I know nothing about programing for linux and/or mythTV?

    (2) Is there a site I can goto to buy a ready-to-go mythTV gadget to then watch TV on my iphone?

    (3) How does a Joe Q public person go from seeing your video,,,wanting to have this TV viewing on their iphone,,,,then getting the stuff they need to get this to work, along with the How to do this for dummies instructions?

    (4) Will any of this MythTV DVR TV stuff work for Windows XP or Vista Users?

    Referenced video below:

    YouTube - MythTV for iPhone 2

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    that looks awesome thnx for sharing can't wait to get it

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    Quote Originally Posted by njosnavelin View Post
    Your name is DVR?? Dude that **** is crunk seriously
    His name is Chris Carey, and you're using the word "crunk" wrong.

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