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Thread: Awesome instant Jailbreak for iPhone and iPod Touch

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    Quote Originally Posted by s2kpdx View Post
    I had the same issue. Restored and decided to give another chance. This time it worked, and synced with itunes....... I guess I take back what I said about the slovix one working better....
    This happened to me from slovix. I would try jailbreakme, but I don't know how to restore. How are you supposed to restore if your computer won't recognize the phone?

    EDIT: I did recovery mode. Just didn't want to risk it at first but itunes found it. I'm trying jailbreakme, I'll update here after because i like to follow up on things

    EDIT 2: Just use jailbreakme. I tried it with edge but I kept getting text message interrupting so I found wifi and did it there. Slovix sucks
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    i already unlock my iphone with the newer firmware, and the guy that unlock for me remove the installer, is there away to get it back..

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    If they can install Installer on it.

    Why can't they just activate it as well?..
    They should have 2 options -
    One button for jailbreaking, and one for Jailbreaking and Activating.

    Im sure if they can install apps they can easily modify files.

    Quote Originally Posted by nguyenbd View Post
    i already unlock my iphone with the newer firmware, and the guy that unlock for me remove the installer, is there away to get it back..

    Use something like IphoneBrowser to drag and drop folder into your iphones applications folder.

    Hmm, not sure on this one, but i'd think that visiting again would attempt jailbreak - overwrite existing identical files and then just install installer again.

    Not Confirmed - be careful.
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    did this and everything worked perfectly! except... my visual voicemail no longer works. when i click voicemail it just dials my voicemail instead of showing me my voicemail. anyone no how to fix this?

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    uhm i tried doing this, and did everything it said...but my ipod didnt have the install app icon and now my computer and itunes dont even recognize it by its name, and it says error -18 when i try and restore it

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    i used on my iphone and it works great until i tried to dock/sync my phone. my computer doesn't reconize my iphone at all. if i dock my wifes iphone which has not i have not installed the computer and itunes reconizes that iphone fine. please help me fix my iphone.

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    same problem here

    used but nothing happend still not activate and i cant sync with my pc.

    plz help =(

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    my phone is activated and i can sync anything onto my phone. i'm started to think it was a mistake to use . i tried to restore my phone and it won't even do that.

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    yeah mine is an ipod touch. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I tried to restore it but it cannot for some reaosn.

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    Oh dont forget to update this pf..

    It now picks up whether the phone is activated or not..and if it isn't it'll activate it for you!

    If your already activated, it'll know and wont touch anything! - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    Thanks, updated.

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    is there a guide for this? with all the problems? so we can stop asking the same questions?


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    mike i am very new a this i dont even know how to hack the phone but i did the thing and phone is very there a way you can show me step by step on how to get all the games on my phone please? and web site for games too?if you cant show me on this site you can email me at [email protected] . any help is every much thankful.i dont even know if i can put my email address on here.please be very detail.thank you very much first. and thanks evryone here.

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    If you have already jailbroken will it just install APPTAPP
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    After using this site every time I open safari it will not allow me to enter a URL or browse my bookmarks. The home button does not return me to the home screen and the only way to get back functionality is by resetting the phone (both buttons).

    I have already tried a restore and it still isn't working. Any ideas?

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone
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    Works just as expected. Way easier than all the other methods I have used and the most functional. A++

    Thank you

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    Default website displaying same message
    Hello folks!

    I just got my brand new 1.1.1 virgin iPhone and have been trying to access it since.

    Using's instructions, I have bypassed and accessed Safari. I can surf everywhere and anywhere! It's great!

    But when I goto, it shows me the exact same page you would get on a PC - "You must visit this URL on your iPhone/iPod Touch to be able to install AppSnapp."

    I've tried it at home, rebooted my router, restored my iPhone firmware (using firmware restore instructions for 1.1.1) and now am trying from my workplace. Same results.

    I wonder what guidance the pros can offer.


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    Hi I just purchase an iPhone and I am waiting to get it here( I am From PR) Can anyone tell if I need to Activate the phone every time I swap a Sim Card? Or with this method I just swap Sim Cards and the phone just recognize it? thanks!!

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    Hey, i have an ATT phone and i upgraded to 1.1.1, then i went to and installed app snap. downloaded some apps. and sometimes when i go to any app. they quit on me and send me home. can someone help me?

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    yep..i activated my fone based on this method...the easiest out there!

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