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Thread: Tethering your iPhone to your Laptop for Mac & Windows

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    Default an easier way
    I followed the guide on Lifehacker

    which is much more simple that what is posted above. Idk if its as good or better that the other method but it seems to work. (macbook w/ leopard to 1.1.1 iphone)

    I say that with a few exceptions.

    For whatever reason my terminal gives me an error of
    channel 2: open failed: administratively prohibited: open failed

    It does this a lot while im using the connection, even though it is working. The channel number changes also.

    The other bug i have is that for some reason certain pages will load fine, and others will load weird versions. Like facebook will try and load what looks like its weird iphone version when i load it here. not a huge problem but odd.

    The biggest issue is that some pages will not load at all. as an example i put into safari and got the no internet connection message. The tether was working for sure because i could go to many other pages, and i was experiencing edge type load times. Anyway so didnt work... until i pointed the iphone's browser to I didnt let it load all the way, just until the page header updated. After I do this it will load no problem.

    anybody know what the story is with that and how to fix it?

    Either way the problems ive had arnt too bad and it does work. Which is really awesome. And it was much easier to do that all that crazy stuff. Speaking of, does anybody know what the official att word on iphone tethering is?

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    i used the guide from

    It was weird because only about half of the websites i tried to access could load. the rest rest of the time safari said i was not connected to the internet. they were all common websites too.

    anyone know why?

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    Does anyone now a easy guide to tether your iphone?

    I have tried a dozen websites but each one just screwed up my internet connection.
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    For anyone interested:

    I am using the Tinyproxy method to connect. At first tethering was a real headache but now I successfully tether every single time. I am on a Windows machine, but have had success on OSX machines as well.

    I do not know if this is independant to my machines, however I have noticed that there is a specific order in which to set up the tethering that always leads to success. If I deviate from the order, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't

    Here is what I do:
    Before I start I make sure on my phone that wi-fi is OFF and Tinyproxy is OFF

    1) Create the ad-hoc network on the computer. (If its the first time make sure all the settings are correct)

    2) Turn on wi-fi and connect to the ad-hoc network with the iPhone (if its the first time also make sure all the settings are correct)

    3) Turn on Tinyproxy AFTER connected. I am using iToggle.

    4) Open up firefox (On a PC) and make sure the proxy settings are in place.
    - When I do this on a Mac I put the proxy settings in the proxies section of the settings for the network so there is no need to setup/change safari.

    5) Happy browsing.

    I don't know if this is the only/best way etc but I always have success when I follow it, when I don't its hit and miss.

    Good Luck!

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    Default Hmm
    Yeah, I followed Nate's info and really just had to stumble through this on my own to figure out. Did it on Windows and Mac, and as usual Windows was 10 times harder than the Mac. I found both connections to be horribly unstable and uselessly slow. Nice that it can be done at all though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by briansage View Post
    I've done this to create a successful XP to iPhone ad hoc connection (I can CMD >> ping the iPhone by ip address), but I haven't gotten the iPhone proxy to work. Maybe someone else can verify. The below looks long, but it's easy to do:

    EDIT: I never got this to work correctly with the socks proxy, but it works great now with tinyproxy. Tinyproxy is available through AppTapp, and it's so stinkin easy that I'm editing this post with tinyproxy use instructions.

    To get tinyproxy, install AppTapp. Then on your iPhone, use the Installer to install the Community Sources, then install tinyproxy. No further configuration is necessary on your iPhone. I hope this is helpful. Sorry for the confusing multiple edits below :P

    Get your Wireless Network Properties:
    Go to Control Pannel >> Network Connections

    Check to see that Ad Hoc Networking is Available:
    "Wireless Network Connection" >> (Right CLick Menu) Properties >> (Tab) General:
    • Connect Using: Click [Configure] to get the Network Card's Properties

    When setting up any ad hoc Wi-Fi network the channel, ip range, and ssid will need to be the same for the computers to talk to each other

    Under one of the tabs ("Advanced" on mine) there should be an Ad Hoc Channel setting that you should be able to modify. On my laptop, the default channel is 11, and this worked for me. Being that every computer and driver set could be different, you may want to check out, if this part doesn't come easily.
    • Click [OK] - This will probably close all open properties windows.

    Create the Ad Hoc Network:
    "Wireless Network Connection" >> (Right CLick Menu) Properties >> (Tab) Wireless Networks:
    Under Preferred Networks, click the [Add...] button.

    (Tab) Association:
    • Network Name (SSID): whatever you like ("adhoc", for example) Your XP computer will boradcast "adhock", and the iPhone will automatically pick it up, once you've completed this part.
    • Network Authentication: Open
    • Data Encryption: WEP
    • Uncheck [x] The key is provided for me automatically.
    • Network Key: any 5 digits you can remember that aren't easily guessed. Once you set up this ad hoc network, from now on your computer will always broadcast the ssid when your wireless card is turned on. Keep yourself safe with this key.
    • Confirm Network Key: Not trying to tell anyone what to do here, but entering the same key as above is wise.
    • Key Index: Leave it. Should be "1" by default.

    (Tab) Connection:
    • Checkbox [x] Connect when this network is in range: Check it.

    Click OK to close "adhoc" Properties. Your ad hoc network is now created, but don't close the Wireless Connection Properties yet...

    Set Your PC's IP on the Ad Hoc:
    (Tab) General:
    This connection uses the following items: Scroll to find "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) on the list. Select it and click the [Properties] button.
    • (Tab) General - Leave this as it is. This controls your regular Wi-Fi connection to your router when not on the ad hoc.
    • (Tab) Alternate Configuration - filling this out will allow your pc to automatically choose this when on the ad hoc, so you'll never have to touch any of this again.
      • Checkbox [x] User Configured: Check it.
      • IP Address: create whatever ip range you like. In the first post of this thread, the ip range given was 10.3.3.x, so likely you'll want to fill in something like here. Anything but your iPhone's address which will be
        EDIT: to use tinyproxy in its default configuration, your PC's IP address should be
      • Subnet mask:
      • Leave the rest blank.
    • Click OK to close TCP/IP Properties

    Click OK to close your Wireless Network Connection Properties, and you're done with your PC. Your ad hoc network name will now show up as an available network for your iPhone to join.

    Just to have it in one post... as originally posted above:
    Set Your iPhone's IP on the Ad Hoc:
    Now on your iPhone, go to Settings >> Wi-Fi >> (Menu) Choose a Network.

    Your ad hoc network name will now show in this list. Select it, and tap the (>) arrow to get it's properties.
    • IP Address: Static
    • IP Address: in this example
      EDIT: using tinyproxy's default configuration, the iPhone IP should be set to
    • Subnet Mask:
    • Leave the rest unchanged.

    Tap the arrow back to "Wi-Fi Networks", and you're done. The PC and the iPhone should now be on your spankin new ad hoc network.

    Verify the connection on your PC by typing WinButton+R >> type cmd and hit [Enter] >> At the command line type ping and hit [Enter]. This will send a simple network ping to the iPhone. Any result like "Reply from blah blah..." is good.

    Another trick to check to see that you're on the network is to type at the CMD prompt: ipconfig -- This will show all your active network connections and your PCs ip address on each of them.

    Keep in mind that if your iPhone goes to sleep, it will remove itself from the network, and your ad hoc network will cease to exist. Change your iPhone's Auto-Lock timeout to keep this from happening.

    EDIT: Configure Firefox to use your new ad hoc/iPhone/tinyproxy connection
    If you haven't got Firefox already, do yourself a favor and install it. Make it your default browser. Pat yourself on the back for making the world a better place. install the SwitchProxy add-on
    The browser will need a restart; when it's ready again, go to (Menu) Tools >> SwitchProxy >> Manage Proxies
    • Click (Button) Add
    • [x] Standard: Check it and click [Next >>]
    • Proxy Label: Enter what you want. I call mine "iPhone"
    • [x] Manual Proxy Configuration: Check it.
    • HTTP Proxy:
    • HTTP Proxy Port: 8080
    • Leave everything else the same. Click [OK] to finish adding your iPhone proxy.
    • Click [OK] to close the Manage Proxies window.

    You can now go to (Menu) Tools >> SwitchProxy >> iPhone whenever you're on your ad hoc network and want to use EDGE
    mannnnn.......hella days later i come back to this thread and boom you had the answer...hahah i lost hope in this and said forget about tethering my laptop and iphone....but THANK you....this worked, didnt need the kit tooi had it on when i was on 1.0.2, now that i jump to 1.1.1, i look in here to see if it can on 1.1.1 and i saw ur post and it worked and like i said i didnt need to kit...and the speed is good for edge to a laptop

    p.s.-sorry if my post is all over the place, im just happy i got this thing working after a long time...

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    Default Access denied
    is anyone else gettin an access denied message useing the tinyproxy method?

    tinyproxy 1.7.0
    The page you requested was unavailable. The error code is listed below. In addition, the HTML file which has been configured as the page to be displayed when an error of this type was unavailable, with the error code 14 (Bad address). Please contact your administrator.
    Access denied
    i can ping the phone and get immediate response got firefox setup and all but for some reason tinyproxys not coperateing

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    Can anyone describe how to set this up using the Tiny Proxy method and Vista? I tried to follow the directions, but the network setup is different from XP. For example in the Wireless Network Connection Properties there is no "General" tab.

    I ended up setting up Ad-Hoc with the "Set Up a Network Connection" wizard. Which had far less options than what was described in the instructions, so I have a feeling that's why it's not working. The iPhone does see and connect to the laptop, but web pages don't load.

    This would be perfect for me since I spend an hour or two a day at Starbucks with my laptop and I can normally do without internet access, but sometimes a client calls me, wanting me to download a file and I have to tell him I have no internet access. My options now are to wait until I get home or pay $6 to download an email or look at a web page.
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  9. #69 back.....i need steps for VISTA now....mann i hate vista hella differ from Xp.... some one pls help...

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    Frankly after reading up on it a bit more, I'm a bit worried about what AT&T might do if they find out. Apparently it may be a violation of the TOS, though I haven't actually looked into the TOS that deeply.
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    Anyone get this to work with 1.1.3?

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    I cant wait for the Vista instructions, I was able to connect & download for a few days last year, but for the life of me i dont know how i did it, it ony connects now but unable to laod anything.

    Look forward to it.


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    doesit work with 1.1.3???

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    woop!! got it to work!
    does anyone know how i can use msn through it??

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    woop!! got it to work!
    does anyone know how i can use msn through it??

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    i have gotten this to work great with TinyProxy; using SwitchProxy add-on for firefox.

    i read around a while back (first attempt at tethering, but gave up) that this guy used a program called freecap, i downloaded and installed it, and setup for the http proxy settings, and ran ie, but i get this
    tinyproxy 1.7.0
    The page you requested was unavailable. The error code is listed below. In addition, the HTML file which has been configured as the page to be displayed when an error of this type was unavailable, with the error code 14 (Bad address). Please contact your administrator.
    Access denied
    i also noted that i get that error in firefox if you try going to your ip.

    also a common note to everyone, remember to put never for the screen lock, also keep a ping going while your surfing (ping -t)

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    youd have to change the port of the proxy settings from the internet (80 I think) to whatever port msn mail uses
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    Very cool! I was toying with this idea myself, or using the iPhone for other extensions for the PC, perhaps for comps without WiFi or Bluetooth. Through the USB one could use the iPhone as a bluetooth dongle perhaps or as a webcam etc. I was considering which would actually be useful though as nearly all notebooks already have WiFi and webcams are cheap enough anyway.

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    im having trouble in vista, I'm using a Pwned 1.1.4 phone with tinyproxy, I can see the ad-hoc network on the iphone and join it, but thats all I
    can do. trying this on a Asus G1-s vista notebook. still cannot get it working with Tiger on my iMac :-( the instructions are so simple I have no idea what could be going wrong

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