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Thread: Fring it. Fring it Good. VOIP on the iPhone

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone gavko's Avatar
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    this is THE best app ever made for iphone for me. to be honest nothing made me more happy since i got my iphone... BIG thanks to creators... just hope they will make landscape mode as well

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    it would be nice if they added a conect/disconect per service button, cause if i want to call using SIP, i dont want to wait for all my msn contacts to load :P

    also, i cant use skype, the whell spins forever.

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    The source wont' load for me either


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    this will be great when it starts working on edge.

    all i care about is IM on Edge

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    it works on Edge

    MSN, AIM and Yahoo at least (which is all I really care about)

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    it's a really nice app , hope the stable version will come soon ...
    No spam!!!!!!

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    its dope

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    I can't get this mother fring'n thing to make a call with skype! Has anyone been able to make calls??

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    I also can't make an outgoing phone call.

    with Skype
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    how do i use SIP how can i make calls?? im new to this

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone jasonm253's Avatar
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    bout damn time...a stable AIM, yahoo and msn on the update u can guys can make it where u can see theres a message on the home screen..good **it guys.

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    Nice looking pre-release. Im sure it will kill in release stage.

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    Default Warning!!!
    I have installed this on 2 iphones today and on both of them all the SMS text messages are gone, erased, POOF.

    A poster above noted this too so just be aware.

    I don't really care so I'm not going to uninstall, but if you value your SMS text you may want to wait for a more stable version.

    That being said I LOVE THIS APP!! Using it for gtext and Skype and for a pre-release its the cat's meow! Hope they get the file tranfer working that would rock.

    Running 1.14 on both phones with ATT service.

    One broke with Pwnage, the other ZiPhone
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    Default Most awesome app ever
    This App rocks!!! I finally got a skype phone that I can use practically. goodbye phone company...

    Also I haven't noticed any probs with the SMS dissapearing, what firmware were you running on the phones? mine is 1.1.4

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    according to fringe forum this only works on 1.13 and up, time to update. I have 1.1.2 and it crashes when i try to skypeout

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    iPhone? More like MyPhone jasonm253's Avatar
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    my SMS are still in good shape..this app is the **it! also it shows its reconnection unlike APOLLO. Well no more apollo or mobile chat...this takes its place!

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    It's quite unstable, but concept is excellent.
    Used the SIP phone, however no access to dialpad when in-call (SIP).
    SIP call quality is not acceptable (5+ second delay, lots of echo, etc...)

    Still, very decent and looking forward to improvements!

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    For all the tmobile people, i dont think this will works with the 5.99 tzone hack since it goes through proxy, i think this app required a real ip address and only a 19.99 plan give u that

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    This app is great! One question is it supposed to notify me when I get a new message on aim and Im not in the app. Ive heard it make a sound once but it dosnt vibrate is it supposed to?

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    i cannot login to aim because it doesnt support spaces in names

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