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Thread: Virginize your iPhone. Fix Corrupt Seczon and NVRAM

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    Quote Originally Posted by treadsoftly View Post
    Waiting patiently for the easy-to-follow OSX version - thanks heaps in advance
    Same here

    I suppose it's a change Windows users get something iPhone related first

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    what i would like to know is that if on my 1.0.2 phone if my imfi # is correct, they match, and my baseband is the same as the number that it is when you finish the virginize, do i have to do that or can i go from the steps after that? seems to me atht i would be doing something that is already correct.

    yes it was unlocked with iunlock and i haven't upgraded. seems i could do the pre 1.1.1 steps and go from there.

    am i wrong? any help would be appreciated.
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    I still don't have a clear instruction of what to do next ... after I followed the Easy unlock OSX from MMi for 1.02 ... and the unlock is successful ... and I am still using the unlocked 1.0.2 iphone ... but how to upgrade this to 1.1.1 and still be unlocked???

    From what I read in different forums, alot of us are still in the myths (or should we say waiting patiently without upgrading yet) espeically with the virginizing on Anysim being posted in the weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guyverunit View Post
    am i wrong? any help would be appreciated.
    Quote Originally Posted by birdieman View Post
    I still don't have a clear instruction of what to do next ...
    It sounds like both of you have a functional unlocked 1.0.2, and unless you unlocked with IPSF, you have a "corrupted" seczone (even if your IMEI shows correctly now, that is just because you still have patched baseband firmware. If you reflash with original it would show the bad IMEI). So if you want to go to 1.1.1, you must revirginize first. Failure to do so will result in a "brick". Although "bricking" is now recoverable, I'd advise against doing it

    But I feel even if the current reviriginize procedure works, it is currently too complicated for most people, as evidenced by the number of confused posts here and at hackint0sh. So if you don't have a pressing need to move to 1.1.1, wait a bit longer until more elegant solutions are released.

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    thank you for the clarification i will wait for a gui revirginze thanks for the info
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    hurr, enjoy your seczone being written with 0's

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    Has anyone tried this? it looks the same as the windows one just with mac tools?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cash7c3 View Post
    Looks like some folks have figured it out. This method will allow you to restore your iphone to 1.0.2 with the correct IMEI #. What does this mean? It means you can restore your 1.0.2 unlocked iPhone then upgrade to 1.1.1 and unlock.

    Windows Instructions

    OSX Instructions coming soon

    The folks that came up with this are gray who figured out how to reverse the iphone crypto, geohot whos server is being used for this, guest184 for fixing gloader, and The Dev Team for the iUnlock Program
    It says "Windows Instructions" but when I click it, I don't see anything for windows users :-( Am i missing something?

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    hi... please help....
    i have 1.1.1 upgraded from 1.02 jailbroken with install openShh) and it's locked. can only go to emergency call menu... how can I virginize? and is it necessary if I want to use iDemocracy???

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    Hi Guyz. if anyone could help me on this.
    i tried to virginize the phone so i can update it to 1.1.1 what i did basicly is very wrong. and seems that i bricked the iphone. hopefully someone has a solution:

    1- tried GeoHot server. but since the server went down. seen a method from here:

    http:// code . google . com / p / iphone-elite / wiki / TEASecZone

    speficily the part where Xintra recommends starting my own server:

    You can easy dump IPSF LTOKEN using following software:
    Simple DNS Plus - install it, make zone, add A record pointing to your windows pc
    then donwload netcat and run "nc -l -p 49973" on your windows pc - it will listen port 49973 for incoming connections on your iphone change dns server address to your windows pc address, run ipsf
    when it connects to netcat - type: 200 HTTP/1.0 press enter few times, and CTRL-C IPSF should continue process... once again run netcat - "nc -l -p 49973 > IPSF_dump.bin"
    after 1 minute or so you will get dump in file, strip HTTP headers, see LTOKEN structure on "How IPSF works" wiki page here. Important offsets published in "Getting your norID and HWID" chapter on this page.

    2- i used the method mentioned above.. and succedd in opening a local server to get the bin file. but instead of just using it to get the LTOKEN strips. i renamed the file to my IMEI number . bin .... and used GeoMaker.exe to get another file.. and surprisly. geomaker. created another file to use it.

    3- flashed the bin file along with iUnlock:
    ./iUnlock 314secpack (Imei number).bin_loader

    now guyz, i know seems i flashed wrong seczone files. but is there anywhere to restore it back? i would even pay to IPSF if it might work. please HELP

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