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Thread: Question regarding porting existing source code

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    Default Question regarding porting existing source code
    Since I give up on anyone ever writing the app I would sell my kidney for (a player for the HVSC C64 music file collection), I guess I'm stuck trying to do it myself. Sadly I have almost no programming experience.

    How hard would it be to port existing source? A player exists for damn near every platform out there, and I don't want anything fancy. A file browser to pick the file to load. And sound output obviously.

    On a scale of a 1-10, how hard do folk estimate this would be? Since the iPod Touch is the ideal device for this, it'd be my killer app, and my attempts to convince other people to do have come to nothing.


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    The official SDK app is in a different architecture. In a lot of cases, it's not too difficult to port over an existing jailbreak app...but if the source code is for something like Mac, then it'd take quite some time to port it over...

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    I have no access to the official SDK thanks to it being Mac only. I wanted to do it for jailbroken devices. (Should have specified.) The source is available for various flavours of Unix, and I would bet my left nipple there's a BSD version. What's irritating is Rockbox already supports this and can play them on older iPod's, but nothing on the Touch sadly.

    Basically it sounds like I'm boned

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    Get a Mac =). You'll be happier =P.

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