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Thread: Trey Smith's Webinar

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    Default Trey Smith's Webinar
    Who else participated? Thoughts or comments (including your reaction to his program)?

    (mods, forgive me if this is the incorrect forum; the webinar was about developing iPhone apps)

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    Default Great performance, still not sure if I should buy
    I felt that he was an excellent speaker/presenter. I think that there IS money to be made in APP development. Not sure how much additional info there is in his package.

    At first I thought I knew enough from his presentation to get started, but then he said there was more.... still not sure if the package is worth it.

    I would be VERY interested in hearing the presentation again.

    Anyone know where it is available?

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    Agreed, he was very thorough and well spoken, and organized his information in an awesome way - typical of a marketer. I'm in the same "is there really THAT more to spend that amount of money" stage you're in. He had said he'd post it online; I'm watching his blog to see if he links it there.

    If anyone has already joined his program, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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    I enjoyed most of it, but i KNEW he was going to go all late night TV infomercial. His whole webinar was based on marketing and there's no way he wasn't going to make a sale. Smart, yet sleazy too. Enough good info to reel you in and then BAM spend at least $1000 on my course and I'll tell you everything. Right. Everything. He'll give you some tips, like last night, but he doesn't want competition. He wants to make more. Or he wants your competition so he can clone your small 1 man team's good idea and then promote it to his app mailing list. Again a smart idea. No offense guys, there is money to be made, but the big guns will be extremely difficult to beat. it's not as cheap or easy as he makes it seem. While you're at it, buy some ginsu knives that will cut through tin cans.
    Hi ideas last night should make you brainstorm and play off those very valuable tid bits. I would save my money on the "course." He's a pro marketer but save your cash. I know his offer seems inciting, but I bet the library/internet has just as good info or more.

    P.S. He mentioned 2 places to find workers, 1. odesk, and 2. he wont tell you until you sign up. Sniff Sniff. something smells fishy. You think maybe, just maybe, he owns that website and company? Makes money on you twice. Its the same thing he does with In-App purchases. Smart dude, to double dip but dont fall for it.
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    My question is, can you do it ALL (i.e. everything he claims you can do) without spending the $1000 on his program?

    Also, are there other free sources for the info?

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    Default App Development
    I have a little idea.... perhaps we can start a "sub-community" of would be app designers. I am willing to try this out (without his product) especially if I have a committed group of people who are willing to bounce ideas off of each other. Anyone interested?

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    Default App development
    I would be interested in working together. You aren't in Denver by chance are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trent83 View Post
    I would be interested in working together. You aren't in Denver by chance are you?
    I am in Detroit actually. What ideas do you have?

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    Are you a developer or just looking to start by finding a developer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trent83 View Post
    Are you a developer or just looking to start by finding a developer?
    Looking to start by finding a developer

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