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Thread: Best Tethering App (Multiple Users) + Range Question

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    Default Best Tethering App (Multiple Users) + Range Question
    My question might be as simple to answer as which one is just "the best", but I thought I'd include these details in case there is one which is stronger for my situation:

    1) Price of the app is not an issue.

    2) I will frequently be sharing my connection with 1-2 friends while traveling cross country in a van.

    I will be sharing my connection on occasion in an average sized 2 story house with 1-2 friends as well. While we realize this isn't the best solution for having a proper home internet connection we are barely home enough to warrant rent let alone paying for internet. We just need to be able to get a few things done whenever we don't feel like heading out to the coffee shop. Will we all have to be hovering around my phone or will my buds be able to hang out in another room and still pickup on my signal?

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    I'd go with mywi just because it makes a wireless hotspot instead of something like pdaNet(kind of out dated not even sure if it works on iOS4) that makes an adHoc network. It just saves a lot of trouble. I'm not sure about the range but you shouldn't need to hover around your phone. You could probably be a couple rooms away. Just remember that no matter which app you choose using wifi from your phone with 3 people isn't going to be fast. Oh and make sure you have the unlimited plan.

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    I recommend mywi too. Great app and has pretty good range to it.

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    I'm on 4.0.1. Will mywi work for me?

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    MyWi is awesome now that Rock is gone

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    PDANet does work on iOS4, but MyWi is the better solution. Also, wifi power can be specified as a percentage in MyWi, so you can turn it up a bit if you need a bit more range.

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    MyWi for sure.

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