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Thread: bluetooth headset music

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    Default bluetooth headset music
    As you may know if you are in a call while on a standard bluetooth headset you can listen to music from your music library... so how about creating an app or some kind of cydia install that either fakes a call or just lets you play mono music through a standard headset. Anyways I am not a good enough dev to do this but I bet someone else is...

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    you can do this already. You need to be jailbroken, and download BigBoss' Activator overlay, then get Bluetooth Mono SBSettings. It becomes a selectable function to use mono bluetooth audio and then all sound from your phone will make it through to your headset, etc.

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    Default bluetooth versions
    I have a few questions about bluetooth and headsets
    I have a s805 motorola headset which apparently uses blueooth v1.1
    and my iphone 4 uses bluetooth v2.1 (which apparently backwards compatible with 1.2 which is backwards compatible with 1.1)
    but they wont connect
    my girlfriends 3g with 4.0 works with my headset
    same 3g with 4.1 and it doesn't.

    so my idea was to make an app which temporarily changes the bluetooth version back to v1.1

    is this idea worth looking into or just plan impossible?

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    I can not do although i want to help you, i just now bought my bluetooth headset, Bluetooth stereo headset with keypad it works very well both for calling and listen to the music, i love it very much.

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