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Thread: Multitasking not working!!

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    Unhappy Multitasking not working!!
    I'm now on iPhone 4 version 4.0.1 The multitasking is not working on my phone!!
    Example... I'm playing game now and receive a new massage. So I double click the home button and go to Massage App and reply it. And I double click again and go to the game. The game have to re-open. It's start from the main menu, not from the place I pause. Can someone help me about this?? Plzzz

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    Is the game ios4 compatible? Those that aren't cause this

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    Yep. All are download from App Store and upgraded. How to fix that plz?_?

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    dl backgrounder set to use native. almost all apps work now w/ the standard native multitasking.

    still destroys memory tho. not sure what apple was talking about when they said it doesnt.

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    Thz for help dude. Hm.. You mean use backgrounder as native multitasking? Is backgrounder now compatible with iPhone 4 version 4.0.1 ??

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    yes sir,

    the new backgrounder has a few options. You can set it to do full on multitasking in the background.

    or set apps to use the native style (kinda like a pause button). Usually the apps them selves have to have the code built in to do it but backgrounder adds it automatically to them so it works pretty good.

    Cant stand the task killer that apple came up with so i just use sbsettings / processes to clear them.

    Hope that helps

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    I used sbs setting on iPhone 4 version 4.0.1 That has some bugs. If I download some app from cydia or App store, all my hiddin app and dock app are coming out. Not only them some like their system app with white icons and sbsetting icon. And I can't use Processes to clear them and can't click Free up memory(clicking dun clear memory only close that window). Nothing happening to it. Anyway thz for the help. Waiting for the SBsetting to update.

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    The new iOS4 "multitasking" only backgrounds specific threads like GPS, networking, and audio. If you want to completely background a game you will have to use backgrounder.

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    Okay. Thank you for helping me. Another one is I can't change my folder themes and multitasking background theme. Why? Winterboard is supported for 4.0.1 right??

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