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Thread: No MMS iPhone 3Gs 4.0 GM

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    Question No MMS iPhone 3Gs 4.0 GM
    So I just updated to the 4.0 GM on my 3Gs and now I can't send MMS messages but can tether. My friend who upgraded his 3G has both. Has anyone had this issue and, if so, how did they fix it?


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    Stupid question... Is MMS enabled under messaging? :-)

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    It's not an option. I only have "Show Preview," "Repeat Alert," and "Character Count"

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    That is weird, I have had MMS all through the BETA and when I upgraded to the GM last night it still worked.

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    Yeah I know. And I can't even browse the internet over 3G which is a must. So I'm planning on downgrading to 3.1.3

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    Were you tethering without a jailbreak? Are you on a non AT&T network? Were you using an official tether profile?

    I am on tmobile in the US with a factory unlocked iPhone 3GS and tethering works!

    Check your mms settings, mine were defaulted when I upgraded and I had to reenter them to get mms working
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    I'm having the same issue on my 4.0 GM 3Gs that is jailbroken on AT&T.

    OK I can get my MMS to work if I do a full reload of 4.0 and don't restore my backups. LAME!

    OK so I could safely restore the last backup that I made before the 4.0 upgrade.
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    I also do not have MMS or data over 3G or EDGE. I went from 3.1.3 jailbroken to 4.0 GM on an iPhone 3GS. I don't even have the little camera button in my texting appp. I noticed I'm on carrier AT&T 7.0. Maybe it's not supported yet? I'd like to figure it out without restoring if possible. What carrier are others on with 4.0 GM?
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    I had this problem with beta 2, but then I went to beta 3 and had no issues. I thought it was just a bug. Try restoring again?

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    im having the same issue with my 3gs

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    I did a fresh restore without restoring from a backup. No problems now

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    ive restored 4 times this morning as a new phone and still cant send MMS wtf

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    I had the same issue this afternoon. I was able to restore the OS without using a backup. It works just fine now. THanks for the help everyone. Does anyone know if the new redsnow release will work with the old backups?

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    Ok first make sure that the ms app is not running in the background or in the multitask bar then add thos setting in the cellular data it work for me. and then rebot

    Works for 3g /3gs on OS 4.0

    Cellular data


    MMS Settings

    MMS Proxy:
    Max: 2400000
    UA Prof URL:

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    Default hey
    It does work you just have to reset the settings through General settings. Then u have to restore it as a new phone that's what i had to do earlier. The only thing is it will erase everything. Hope this helps.

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    I have no MMS after I jailbreak using redsnow. Haas anyone had the same problem? If so anyway to fix?

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    Im having the same problem...

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    OK, just posted this on the iPhone Dev Team blog, but repost here anyway.
    Have found this fixes all problems with MMS/tethering/visual voicemail!

    Think have found the SOLUTION!
    - Install clean copy of OS4
    - Jailbreak w/0.9.5b5-3
    - Jailbreak w/0.9.5b5-4 (But deselect Cydia)

    Still have MMS + iBooks + everything works!
    Had trouble with clean install + 0.9.5b5-4, but this method seems to fix problems with MMS/Tethering/Visual voicemail.

    Awesome! Give it a go, and post back!

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