Evening all,

Firstly, hello

Been a Mac owner since November and an iPhone owner since April/May

Now, on to the problem.

A few of us at work hae iPhones and we have got them configured to work with Exchange Activesync. The only problem is, our employer uses a private APN to access the servers. While using the private APN we don't have Internet access. To get Internet access back we have to go back to the normal APN.

We would like a quick way of changing APN's. We have looked at profiles, but they aren't too reliable. Sometimes we have to apply the profile several times to make the APN settings update.

We did look at an application, but none of us have got that sort of programming ability.

Next thing that we thought of was to use an IPCC files, have two saved on the phone in a directory, and then have an app copy the file into the correct place with the correct name.

Something I have just been looking at is to update the preferences.plist file located in /var/preferences/SystemConfiguration/ I have found the entries in there for the current APN and was just wondering if an app could be made to overwrite those particular values.

I/We would welcome any thoughts on this to try and find a way round this little issue.

Cheers in advance