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Thread: Stuck on Logo..Can not power down or reboot

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    Default Stuck on Logo..Can not power down or reboot
    I have a iphone 3g that is stuck on the logo. It will not power down (holding power and home does not work, holding power button does not work) It is truly stuck on the logo with the little dash circle below it (which is also stuck). Does anyone have any advice?

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    you could let the battery die on it ...may take a while but then charge it back up to 100% and hook it to your computer and use rock your phone and that should boot it. i have used it before to boot a phone that had a bad communication board and wouldnt boot past the apple logo. so thats what i would suggest if i were you

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    Does iTunes recognize at all? Try plugging in the USB cable while holding the home button, just give it a shot.. hope it works... (unless it is a hardware issue, it should work)...
    Search Google for "Custom Firmware 3.1.2" if you don't have a Mac and are using Windows!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gojohnnyboi View Post
    Holding both hardware buttons(home and lock) will cut all power. Period.
    I agree with this, except the 3g home buttons can be pretty fickle. Out of 6 3g's I have handled recently every single home button reacted differently (unlike the 2g iphones, where the press was the same on every one I have tried) - on the 3g sometimes the home button may require more pressure for the "press" to be detected - one I had needed a real hard push down with my nail to get it detected (I then noticed that the previous owner had actually cracked the plastic button from exerting pressure on it to get it to work - the flex and button needed replacing to get decent function out of it).

    So try holding the home button down with a decent amount of pressure (not enough to break something though!) dead on the button centre, use your nail if needed, then hold the power button at the same time and see if it shuts off (should do by around 20 seconds)

    If that doesn't work the home button could not be working at all, in which case you can try leaving the iphone plugged into the computer with iTunes open - after some time stuck on the Apple logo they tend to revert to connect to iTunes I have found, you just have to leave it connected. Once the connect to iTunes is up restore it and you can then test the home button properly to see if it is functioning.
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    I Have Experienced this problem before.
    You Can Wait A few Days And Let The Battery Die.
    Sync With Itunes And Restore.
    If It Doesnt Show Up In Itunes do this(Do this even if it does show up it will definatly fix it):Hold Power And Home Buttons For 10 Seconds then Let Go Of Power Keep Hold Of Home Button And keep hold of home for another 10 secs then itunes will pop up saying Ur Ipogne/Ipod is in recovery mode then just press okay and press restore and let itunes restore your iphone/ipod and it will fix yes your phone will be blank and wont have anything but you cakn backup and stuff...
    If Anything else happens to your phone or ipod then just get in touch with me Hope I helped

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    How is this a SDK development discussion?

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