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Thread: Camera Roll in 3.0, vertical pics low res

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    Default Camera Roll in 3.0, vertical pics low res
    After upgrading to 3.0 and trying to copy all my old camera roll photos back, I ran into the black thumbnail problem. I fixed this by moving the THM files to the .MISC folder.

    Now all the photos show up, the thumbnails are ok, I can take new pics, etc, but I have a new problem. Any photo I had taken previously using the iphone camera vertically, (1200x1600 resolution) will not view properly. The thumbnails of these pics look fine, but if I select it to view full screen, the resolution is terrible. It looks like it's just a zoomed in version of the thumbnail instead of the full true resolution. Horizontal and downloaded pictures look fine as well as any new pictures taken vertically.

    Any ideas what might cause this?

    Playing around a little more... If I just take one of the files that doesn't work, open it in photoshop, do nothing but save it again over itself (as a jpg still), then copy it to the phone, it works and looks as it should. Something in the old camera files must be screwed up? I have no idea how, though? I just copied them off and then tried to put them back. Also, the ones that look bad on the phone look fine in the windows xp previewer.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    Ok, so the plot thickens further... evidently it's only some of the vertical shots. There are a bunch that I took vertically that are fine, then all of a sudden, starting at a particular one, every one after it that is vertical has the issue. It's all the recent shots that I took within the last couple weeks (vertical only, 1200x1600) that have the issue. Older photos are fine. The problem reminds me of the bug that existed a little while back where photos you saved from email would view properly in email but be low res in the camera roll.
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