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Thread: Simple App just with Popup

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    Default Simple App just with Popup
    i wrote a little "app". actually it is just a shellscript which does a few things.
    I would like to create an app to bring up a simple popup window, which asks whether you want to continue (and runs the shell script) or to abort (exit the app).
    Unfortunately I have no clue about SDK and Co. I would just like to create that small starter for my app.
    How could I do that best (and easiest)?

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    A while back I was looking for the same thing and also went the road of trying to make one myself using the sdk. I eventually stumbled upon GriP. It will do what you want. You can install it through cydia. You need to enable the CLI interface to let your scripts use it. Run it once by opening terminal and running 'Grip'. It will give out saying that the cli interface hasn't been enabled. Now if you go to your settings, you'll find a new sub-category for enabling the CLI. The only way that I have been able to get a retrieve user acknowledge is whether or not the user clicks the popup or clears the popup.

    An example that I am currently using. I have a server running at home. I coded a service on it that simply waits for my iphone to be in wireless range. Once it detects the iphone, it SSH's into the phone and sends a GriP message "Do you want to listen to Music?" using the CLI.
    If I click the popup, it is interpreted as a 'YES' and the server runs a script that switches on the Amplifier and runs a playlist. Clearing the popup is interpreted as a 'No' and the service sleeps until I leave range for 30 minutes and return. It's a bit clunky but it works well. I have a bank of network controlled switches so there's a lot of scripting potential!! Another script asks whether I want to use my xbox 360. It then switches on the TV, Xbox and Amplifier and uses a UIRT to turn on the TV and Amp and selecting the appropriate channels.

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