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Thread: Recreating the NavBar

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    Default Recreating the NavBar
    Ok, for a about an hour today I messed around with the sample from Apple. I went and took a look at the frameworks and in the UIKit/UIInterface.h framework. This framework has all of the different styles (colors) of the navigation bar listed in it plainly. The ones listed are UIBarStyleDefault, UIBarStyleBlackOpaque, UIBarStyleBlackTranslucent, and UIBarStyleRed. These are a pretty good range of styles but later on I noticed that the navigation bar on the is like a gray. I thought it looked a lot like the UIBarStyleBlackTranslucent style and I thought the colors where just a little off on the Simulator compared to the on my actual iPhone. The next thing that puzzled me was that when you scroll up on the Photo Albums page you can see the albums right through the navigation bar, as in it's transparent. Once again I thought it was the Simulator. I looked on the Simulator's and it was transparent, too. So somewhere, out there, in those frameworks there is a line of code that will make my navigation bar transparent and I want you to find it! Ok, enough of me being stupid(it is 3:00 in the morning and I have school in the morning[freshman]) but on a serious note, if you do know how to recreate that navigation bar please let me know. No need to PM me, if you know just post it here.

    Thanks you guys,


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    i could be totally wrong (i'm quite the noob with programming stuff), but i think they're probably not using the standard UIKit framework for that status bar. i think they're probably using Core Animation and changing the opacity. they mention a little about this feature of core animation in this video (iPhone Graphics and Media Overview):

    they might actually be making the application a "full screen" app (meaning the UIKit would not draw in the standard status bar) and are recreating it within the UIWindow using Core Animation.

    anyone else with more programming knowledge want to verify my idea?
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    ^^^ Not a bad idea. You could grab the toolbars CALayer* and use the .contents property to modify it using whatever technique you choose. You could probably trow another opaque colored CALayer on top and call it a day using
    [self.layer addSublayer:(CALayer*) ]

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    Thanks, both of you guys. I'll try out these ideas and see what I come up with.

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    Did you manage to get this working?

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