Well, I tried all 3 methods for bypassing code signature stated by Saurik ( Jay Freeman ) via Cydia... However, I can not run my developed application(s). It will open, then it immediately closes, and my assumption is that this could be due to a code signature error.

I even tried creating a fresh new app with NO extra code/functionality to make sure my application was the issue, and still, same error.

When I try signing my own code, I get errors like:
_assert(0: arch!= NULL)
Can anyone explain to me how I can sign my own code, and get my application running? I don't have a DEV-ID, and have no intentions on adding it to the AppStore anytime soon.

-Thanks in advance.

PS: I tried disabling code checks, but still, no luck on running my application.

[iPhone 3G - Jailbroken - OS 3.0]