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Thread: How do u package up some tap tap revenge songs for cydia?

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    Default How do u package up some tap tap revenge songs for cydia?
    Ok, ive got some tap tap tracks i made, the .tap and .m4a files. But how do i go about packaging them? Cos the path to where they go is

    /var/mobile/Applications/*randomnumbersandletters*/ or Tracks

    And, since ppl can ssh the song out and listen to it, if i put them on the mmi repo, is it illegal? Will there be any problems/roadblocks?

    I have the ones so far ive made (5 tracks atm) on my site i made today
    I was gonna make my own repo alongside the site but with 5500gb disk space and 200gb bandwith it wouldnt last 2 seconds


    Srry for x2 post, cant edit on ipod version

    I can make u a custom TTR track if u
    A. Provide me with the mp3 file
    B. U agree it to be medium or easy (i make hard and extreme but they are easy as )
    C. The tappers may be a bit off beat
    D. I can use it in a package and/or my site
    And E. U must have Tap Tap Revenge, not Revenge 2 or 2.5

    ive just been told this isnt possible due to the random #'s and letter folder which everyones is differnent

    What about making them a theme? So u can disable/enable them thru winderboard

    Is that possible? How would i go about it?

    disregard all that crap, im making it so Cydia just unpacks the .deb in the Downloads folder and u have to do a semi-manual install with iFile (should be a dependancy) or any other filemanager

    PM me or post here if u want the .deb file to test. idk if its finished cos im up to making the 'Package' file
    I think theres about 10 songs in the pack, one or two u may not have heard of
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    My custom Tap Tap Revenge Tracks site:

    PM me if you want a custom track.
    If you PM me at or register at my site you will get a reply alot faster.

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    i want some custom songs for my iPod,
    do i need to send the mp3 file or do i yust need to send the name of the song?

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