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Thread: iPhone Serial Command List

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    Default iPhone Serial Command List
    From the folks at #iPhone, just now breaking news...

    command list:
    help - this list
    script - run script at specific address
    go - jump directly to address
    bootx - boot a kernel cache at specified address
    diags - boot into diagnostics (if present)
    tsys - boot into tsys (if present)
    bdev - block device commands
    image - flash image inspection
    fs - file system commands
    fsboot - try to boot kernel at /kernelcache
    devicetree - create a device tree from the specified address
    ramdisk - create a ramdisk from the specified address
    tftp -tftp via ethernet to/from device
    eload - tftp via ethernet from hardcoded install server
    halt - halt the system (good for JTAG)
    reboot - reboot the device
    poweroff - power off the device
    md - memory display - 32bit
    mdh - memory display - 16bit
    mdb - memory display - 8bit
    mw - memory write - 32bit
    mwh - memory write - 16bit
    mwb - memory write - 8bit
    mws - memory write - string
    crc - POSIX 1003.2 checksum of memory
    task - examine system tasks
    printenv - print one or all environment variables
    setenv - set an environment variable
    clearenv - clear all environment variables
    saveenv - save current environment to flash
    run - use contents of environment var as script
    bgcolor - set the display background color
    setpicture - set the image on the display
    iic - iic read/write
    radio - Manipulate the radio board.
    setbusclock - Set bus clock to the given frequency in Hz.
    setcorevoltage - Set core voltage to the given voltage in mV.
    syscfg - flash SysCfg inspection
    charge - Manage the charger chip.
    powernvram - Access Power NVRAM.
    usb - run a USB command
    nand - nand flash routines
    chunk - chunk a file

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    lol this was posted in 2007 and im first

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    ^ congratulations

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    More than half of these commands are now gone in the latest 3.1 beta. Apple has positively neutered it in hopes that we wont be able to find a workaround for a jailbreak. Unfortunately for them, the iPhone-Dev team has(in my opinion) the complete capability to work around this; especially with the help of George Hotz and the Chronic-Dev team on their side.
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