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Thread: 3.0 Wifi Problems

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    Default 3.0 Wifi Problems
    Anybody else having problems connecting to wifi on 3.0?

    Ever since I updated to 3.0 beta 3 I have been having problems connecting to wifi networks and staying connected.

    Sometimes it won't even recognize the network. I'll have to go into settings, select wifi, and then somtimes it will show up but most of the time it doesn't.

    This is very frustrating. Anyone else having similar problems?

    Someone should report this to Apple, hopefully they fix it by the final release.

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    Had the same problem with my wife's 3G. Did the "Reset Network Settings" and WiFi has worked since.

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    Nope still not working. This is on the 3.0 beta software

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    maybe its just your wifi..

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    no I've notice it doesn't want to stay connected, I thought it was my shitty router so I went an bought an Apple airport extreme router which I now LOVE! but it still does is a beta though so I run with it and hope it gets resolved by the final release!

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    Yup. It's definitely not just my wifi. The same thing happens at different places.

    Also my 3g connection has been complete ****

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    Quote Originally Posted by illuminatty View Post
    Yup. It's definitely not just my wifi. The same thing happens at different places.

    Also my 3g connection has been complete ****
    That´s exactly my problem too. I went to an apple retailer, and they said that they have seen several iphones and iPod touch with this problem since 3.0 release. They advised me to call appple. I just called, and they're picking up my phone tomorrow to refurbish it (or send me a new one, I hope!).

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    I've noticed similar problems while running Beejive. Occasionally my wifi reception drops out while chatting and will reconnect but it's ONLY done this since 3.0.

    I figured it was a BJ bug. *shrugs*

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    ive not got your problem but the wifi is now crap,where i had a good signal b4 now i dont get any

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    same here, upgraded to 3.0 last friday and jailbroke and it was all good, until last night when US came out. unlocked without a hitch and wifi has not been working ever since. It RARELY discovers the network and when it does, it says unable to connect. 3.0 has its fair share of bugs thus far!

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    join the crowd
    Apple - Support - Discussions - NO WIFI OR BLUETOOTH after 3.0 update ...

    mine just keeps looking for a wifi connection but never finds anything - also if you notice your battery life is sucky - turn off wifi - some say it keeps looking for a signal contantly and drains your battery (same with bluetooth)

    im going to put a call into apple this afternoon - this is bs
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