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Thread: Looking for someone to possible write an app, a game for an Iphone/Itouch

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    Default Looking for someone to possible write an app, a game for an Iphone/Itouch
    Good morning to forum users.

    Looking for someone to possible write an app, a game for an Iphone/Itouch

    It is a pretty simple game, that can be used as a learning tool, teaching colors and typed and heard words, and want it to work on Iphone and Itouch

    Then for donations or a fee, advanced features would be available.

    Not sure how long a pretty simple game would take to make for a device using Cydia and/or the Installer for an Iphone/Itouch would take.

    Because I dont know the time needed to write such an app, not sure of how compensation straight out, or a portion of generated proceeds would work.

    Was looking at $.99 or $1.99 as the upgrade fee to users wanting the advanced features.

    Thank you

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    Macbook for development: £1000
    iPhone SDK developers license: £50
    iPod for field testing: £230
    4 years programming education: £You don't wanna know...

    Everyone wanting you to make make them a game... priceless :P

    Only kidding! I'd be happy to help if I can find the time!

    When you say 'advanced features,' what do you mean? 'Teach colours?' How?
    I could write a basic teaching tool for colours, but what do you ACTUALLY want it to do? Your description isn't very clear.

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    Default it is a game of popping colored baloons
    advanced is speed, more colors, counting, logging, spoken words vs just written words

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    The iPhone development industry is now flooded with useless apps and wanna be programmers since schools and other developers are now allowed to talk about programming and methods with eachother. If you have a solid idea, I suggest you do not post it on a forum and take it offline after possible programmers who have done work in the past sign a NDA to keep your idea yours.

    Anyone now can come see this and write an app just like this and you are SOL.

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    Default thank you
    thank you, that is why i didnt go into exact detail.

    just trying to find a reputable programmer to even talk to, seems to be a big problem.

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