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Thread: Searching Developers for an idea about a new Springboard's icon reorder program

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    Default Searching Developers for an idea about a new Springboard's icon reorder program

    I'm writing you about an idea for a new program for reorder the icons on the springboard, let me explain the idea.

    This application organizes the icons using "Labels".
    When you opern this application you'll see a list of all the applications (Cydia, Installer and AppStore) that you have installed on the iPhone.
    Tapping the Edit button it will be appear a checklist where you can select one or more application that you want to apply a label.

    For Example I tap Edit and I select 3 games and give them the "Games" label.

    The labels may be various and they may be created or deleted whenever you want (like Gmail).

    After that you can decide the order to give to the labels, for example:


    When this is done pressing the "Reorder" button and the program reorders all the icons on the springboard (Dock excluded) according to the order that was given to the labels.
    In this example first it puts all the icons labeled "Base" (ordered by name or installation date, maybe the user can select it in the options), after the ones labeled "System" then "Utilities", "Games", "Toys" and "Emulators".

    In this way, when an application is installed the only thing to do is applying it the label and push the reorder button in this program to have a ordered Springboard.

    It will be great if the program let to see wich applications don't have got a label so it will be more simple to applying the labels at the new installed programs.

    Obliviously the labels are not visibles on the Springboard, but only from this program.

    What do you think about?
    Do you think it's possibile to do a program like this?
    Do you know someone that may be interested to program it?

    Sorry for my English but I'm italian.

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    Categories pretty much does all this already
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    No categories creates directory where you can put your icons, but categories is a bit slow.
    This program roders the icons on the springboard and i think that's better

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    you can do this already but in a more round about way...i had an idea like this already and i kinda gave up. or atleast got busy.

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    Uhm, so the icon matrix is located at: system/library/coreservices/

    EDIT: oh no! they're on /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/
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