Hi all

My first post on this forum - hoping you can help!
I'm new to iPhone & Mac development, and I'm trying to create a multi-lingual native iPhone app under firmware 1.1.3.
My app is up and running fine, but the localization string conversions don't work.

So far, I've created English.lproj and German.lproj directories under my application home directory (modeled after the MobileCal app). In these directories are InfoPlist.strings and Localizable.strings files. The Localizable.strings files just contain key / value entries (eg. "TEST" = "TestEng").
In my app, I've tried:
[[NSBundle mainBundle] localizedStringForKey: @"TEST" value: @"Test" table: nil]
NSLocalizedStringFromTable (@"TEST", nil, nil);

I always get the default string returned ("TEST").
Can anyone give me a hint as to what I'm doing wrong?

Many thanks