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Thread: OS X questions

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    Default OS X questions
    Let me first say that I grew up with MS-DOS (batch files, autoexec.bat, all that stuff), and I know very little about how OS X starts up, or scripts, or anything like that. If you mention batch file, I'll understand you. If you say something specific for OS X, I might not know what you are talking about.

    Here are my tenuously related questions:

    So my first question is this: how would (non-programatically) have SSH (which is usually disabled) re-enable itself upon bootup. (This would serve as a sort of emergency case I hit the app limit, I don't want to have to restore).

    (e.g. if this were DOS, I would simply put an enable command in the is this done here?)

    On a related subject, how can I go about debugging (using printf statements) a program that I run from Summerboard? I have to run from Summerboard because the accelerometers don't register when run from Terminal. I assume I have to have the program save some sort of textfile, but is there an easy way? It is possible to have a custom "debugging" app that runs other apps, and saves all of the debugging info?

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    1. I use BossPrefs to disable SSH which has Config setting for enabling having SSH enabled on reboot. Fundamentally Windows is more like OS X (or Unix) than DOS, and SSH is like a Windows service. The difference is between stopping the service, or setting the service to disabled. In OS X, the equivalent is to use launchctl unload -w versus without the -w. The unload stops the service. The -w disables the service on disk so it will not load on reboot.

    2. For debugging, I would use Erica's discovery of a re-routable NSLog that is part of GraphicsServices called GSLog. See her article at O'Reilly here:
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