I'm wondering how one goes about creating a interface to mirror that of the iPod app, or really just how to access the music database within the phone/touch. A great example is the TuneWiki program, which was also just recently added to the Featured Apps list in Cydia. This program performs mainly karaoke functions, but brings up all of your music in an interface similar to that of the iPod app.

For a while this seemed to me not to be possible with 2.0, at least by the appstore specifications, as the apps are supposedly 'sandboxed' without access to outside file resources, but clearly it is indeed possible, so I was wondering if anyone knew a good code snippet or what the best method of going about this is?

Also, as a sidenote can anyone list a few good thread or other sources for good tutorials on getting started with iPhone development? I am fairly familiar with C++, but am having a bit of trouble getting into objective-C, and just need some basic documents to bring me up to speed.